2017 Conference Class Descriptions

Dec 1, 2016

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San Diego Chapter Low Cost S/N program and other community assistance

Richmond Center Low Cost S/N clinic

Staying Strong in Rescue

Partnering With Animal Shelters / Humane Societies: Advocating For Rabbits in a Cat/Dog World

Preventing an Aggressive Rabbit and Dealing with an Aggressive Rabbit

How Rescues Can Help the Public Keep Their Rabbits at Home

Rabbit Medicine & Creating Rescue/Veterinarian Relationships

Social Media, Fundraising, Finding & Keeping Donors

Medical Training for Educators

The Golden Years: Caring For the Geriatric Rabbit

Growing Your Chapter

Rabbit Vision – How a Rabbit Sees/What a Rabbit Sees

Shelter Management: Running a Shelter, Budgets, Succession Planning

How to Recruit, Engage, Train and Retain Wonderful Volunteers in a Variety of Roles

Community Outreach – Activities/Events/Strategy/Publicity

Rabbit Health: Newest Treatment Protocols & Time Tested Effective Ones plus the current thoughts on EC. One of the most exciting elements of veterinary medicine is its dynamic nature. Our constant quest for knowledge continually feeds the desire to find more effective and safer treatments for pet rabbits. Increased access to advanced diagnostics helps provide answers that were previously unknown. In this lecture we will focus on these new methods, including current thoughts on diagnosing an treating Encephalitozoon cuniculi (EC), in addition to treatments that have stood the test of time.

Emergency Rabbit Confiscations: How to Quickly Mobilize an Effective Rescue Response: Case Studies

Clicker Training and How to Make a Bunny More Adoptable PLUS Rabbit Agility Training