2017 Speaker Bios

Dec 1, 2016

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We are excited to have the following distinguished speakers speak at the 2017 Educators Conference!

Jason Dickman, Rabbit Manager, Best Friends Animal Society.  Jason Dickman started work at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in 2009, on the day that a large group of rabbits arrived from a hoarding situation in Reno, Nevada. At the Sanctuary’s Bunny House, Jason discovered his true passion and purpose in life. Having no previous rabbit experience, he got to learn about the behavior, general care and medical needs of rabbits. He began as a caregiver, worked his way up to vet tech and then was elevated to the team lead position. In 2014, he became the manager of the Bunny House, which usually keeps him “hopping.” He supports his team with general care, training in proper rabbit and guinea pig handling, education, scheduling, administration of meds and, his absolute favorite, butt baths. He supports and helps with vet tech duties such as IM injections, X-rays, blood draws and labs. He works with the Sanctuary veterinarians, making sure the rabbits and guinea pigs get the very best care. Along with all this, he budgets for the department, keeps stats up-to-date, answers all requests for admission and responds to questions that the organization receives about rabbits. Most important of all, he does his best to find each and every bunny and guinea pig a forever home. Jason currently resides in Kanab, Utah, with his partner, Sylvia, and two amazing dogs, a fox hound named Betty and a Lab named Barry White. He also has the world’s greatest cat, Lance, one of the many black cats who have come into his life.

Linda Knox, Associate Veterinarian, Palomar Animal Hospital. Since elementary school, Dr. Knox had been telling everyone who would listen that she wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up. When it came to apply for college, she had already settled on UC Davis, the only veterinary school in California at that time. Dr. Knox grew up in the San Fernando Valley with her mom, brother, and the family dogs. After completing her undergraduate degree in Zoology, she stayed at UC Davis for her veterinary degree, then spent another year there completing her Master’s degree in preventative medicine. She worked part-time for a small animal practice while getting her Master’s, and loved it so much that she’s still doing it to this day! Dr. Knox says her favorite days are those filled with a variety of cases—she likes the way it keeps things interesting and challenging. Her special interest is in exotic species, including rabbits, pocket pets and birds. She also loves interacting with people and appreciating the unique bonds they have with their pets. At home, Dr. Knox lives with two pets of her own: Fiona, a dog that Dr. Knox rescued from the clinic during her second year here, and Bogart, a 20-year-old Senegal parrot she hand-raised. When she’s not spending time with her pets, Dr. Knox enjoys playing tennis, bicycling, skiing, hiking, and scuba diving. She’s also an avid traveler, and has visited Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, South America and many Caribbean islands to date.