Meet Tewi!

Feb 3, 2015 by

Meet Tewi – she is a 3 month old Dutch bunny! To submit your own photo, please...

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Meet Dakota!

Feb 2, 2015 by

Meet Dakota – she is a lion head dwarf bunny who is about 6 months old! To submit your own photo, please...

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Meet Batman Danger Cottontail!

Feb 1, 2015 by

Meet Batman Danger Cottontail, an Old English Spot bunny! He loves running around the house chasing the cats and he loves to lay in...

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Meet Oli!

Jan 31, 2015 by

Meet Oli – he’s about 10 months old and is extremely loving! *Note: if you let your bunny outside for playtime, make sure...

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Meet Thumper (in memory of)

Jan 30, 2015 by

Meet Thumper  – he passed away on May 15, 2014. He was a Holland Lop, house rabbit; 11 years of age. Thumper lived in our...

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Meet Sweetheart!

Jan 29, 2015 by

Meet Sweetheart – she is about 5-6 years old. She is my other foster bunny who has been in rescue for several years now. She is...

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Meet M.J.!

Jan 28, 2015 by

Meet M.J. – he’s an 11 year old male lop who’s owner had terminal cancer & was blind. His owner’s sister...

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Meet Poppy & Hudson!

Jan 27, 2015 by

Meet Poppy and Hudson, Poppy is 9 months old and incredibly sweet, cheeky and loving. She may be small, but her personality is huge....

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Meet Bayou and Satchmo!

Jan 26, 2015 by

Meet Bayou (brown dwarf bunny who was part of yesterday’s Daily Bunny) and Satchmo (brown Rex bunny with white spots on his...

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World Spay Day 2015

Jan 25, 2015 by

The month of February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, and Tuesday, February 24 is World Spay Day 2015! Last year at this time, House...

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Meet Luna (in memory of)

Jan 25, 2015 by

Meet Luna (white bunny) and Bayou (brown bunny). They came to us after being twice abandoned by human families. Probably due to the...

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Meet Hoppy (in memory of)

Jan 24, 2015 by

Meet Hoppy – she was our first bunny, rescued from a tiny cage in our neighbor’s garage. Hoppy had a bad ear infection...

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