Meet Jax!

Nov 19, 2014 by

Meet Jax, he’s an 8 month old mini lop and he love his big brother Milo (doggie friend)! He also loves running around in the leaves...

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Meet Snowy!

Nov 18, 2014 by

Meet Snowy – she’s 11 months and her favorite treat is carrots! To submit your own photo, please...

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Meet Donnie!

Nov 17, 2014 by

Meet Donnie – she is 8 months old, very playful and energetic! Enjoys her daily treats and loves relaxing on the couch with her...

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Meet Jeżynka!

Nov 16, 2014 by

Meet Jeżynka! She is 6 months old. She loves to clean herself, she is also very curious, she likes to jump all over the house! She...

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Meet Wally!

Nov 15, 2014 by

Meet Wally – he’s a harlequin mix bunny who loves hopping and sleeping! To submit your own photo, please...

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Meet Spot & Gretchen (dac...

Nov 14, 2014 by

Meet Spot the Bunny and Gretchen the dachshund! We adopted Stretchen Gretchen, the Dachshund, back on June 3rd. She is about 14 yrs...

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Meet Cezar Bunny!

Nov 13, 2014 by

Meet Cezar Bunny – my 2 year old Californian Rabbit. He is a house bunny and has little jaunts outside to sniff the air and...

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Meet Natasha Rabbitova!

Nov 12, 2014 by

Meet Natasha Rabbitova (and her stuffed bunny friend Butter)! She is a four-year-old Mini-Rex with the softest black fur possible,...

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Meet AJ!

Nov 9, 2014 by

Meet AJ – he’s 6 years old and he’s the man of the house (he lives with a house full of girls – Lulu, Riley,...

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Meet Cranberry & Stella!

Nov 8, 2014 by

Meet Cranberry (flopped) and Stella! These are Lulu’s (HRS Daily Bunny two days ago) two sisters from the same shelter....

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Meet Riley!

Nov 7, 2014 by

Meet Riley the Adventurer – she is my elder bun that turns 10 this year. Riley demands snacks at all times and will casually...

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Meet Lulu!

Nov 6, 2014 by

Meet Lulu the Diva – she was rescued from a shelter in Los Angeles. She is 2 years old and loves to lounge! When it’s...

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