Download a Song for House Rabbit Society!

Jun 2, 2014

Download a Song for House Rabbit Society!
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Classical pianist and Kansas City House Rabbit Society Chapter Manager Robin Rysavy wrote this beautiful song called “Penny Whistle Rainbows” which she has donated to House Rabbit Society. You can buy it on our Hop Shop for $1.00, where all proceeds will be donated directly to HRS.

Robin writes:

Often when I’m out biking I will get musical ideas.  “Penny Whistle Rainbows” came to me just that way.  I wrote the piano part first and recorded it along with a  hybrid synthesizer part and percussion part, and released it as “Rainbows” a couple years ago just as a “for fun” piece.  All the while I kept hearing a penny whistle part in my head, so I composed that along with a second percussion part, and finally finished recording and mixing all of the tracks in May 2014.  It seems to make people relax and smile.  I hope whoever downloads it enjoys the music and knows that 100% of the proceeds go directly to helping House Rabbit Society bunnies.

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