HRS Emergency Grant Recipients

Nov 3, 2012

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Every year we hear about a number of emergency rabbit rescue situations around the country that involve anywhere from 50 to 1500 rabbits. In order to help, in 2007, we started the Emergency Rescue Fund.

All donations coming to HRS that specify “Emergency Rescue Fund” will go towards these grants. We are using those funds to make targeted grants (usually ranging from $250 to $750) to animal rescue organizations who are involved in a large rescue of many rabbits.

Funds can be used to purchase cages, litterboxes, food, hay or toys, or can be used to fund spay/neuters and other veterinary care.

Following is the list of grants that HRS has made from 2007 through 2016.



  • 1/21/08 Linda Baley to help with the rescue of 30 rabbits living on an island park in Redondo Beach, CA.
  •  1/24/08 The Rabbit Haven to help with the rescue of over 50 rabbits and 60 guinea pigs in Scotts Valley, CA.
  •  2/29/08 Luv-N-Bunns to help with the care of 52 meat rabbits about to be slaughtered in Michigan.
  •  3/18/08 Rabbit Rescue, Inc. to help with the rescue and care of 400 rabbits from a cruelty case in Ontario, Canada.
  •  4/9/08 The Responsible Animal Care Society to help with the relocation of hundreds of feral rabbits in Kelowna, BC Canada.
  •  4/9/08 Edmonton Humane Society to help with the care of 129 rescued rabbits from a neglect case in Edmonton, AB Canada.
  •  5/7/08 Wild Rescue of Texas to help with neutering and spaying unaltered and breeding shelter rabbits in Texas.
  •  8/10/08 St. Louis House Rabbit Society to help with caring for dozens of rabbits from a rescue of over 360 animals organized by the Humane Society of Missouri.
  •  8/20/08 Bartlett Animal Shelter to help with caring for 119 rabbits from a cruelty case in West Tennessee.
  •  8/20/08 Wild Rescue of Texas to help with caring for 30 of the 119 rabbits from the TN cruelty case.
  • 8/20/08 Peeps and Creeps of Texas to help with spaying and neutering 50 rabbits and to start a low cost spay/neuter program at their local clinic, A-Z Veterinary Clinic.
  •  8/28/08 San Diego HRS to help with spaying and neutering 56 rabbits seized in a big cruelty case.
  •  10/7/08 Animal Friends, Inc. of Pittsburgh to help with a rescue of 46 rabbits in Ross Township, PA.
  •  10/7/08 St. Lucie Humane Society of Florida to help with their rabbit care.
  •  10/7/08 Critter Cafe Rescue of Michigan to help with the care of over 50 rabbits rescued from the yard of a foreclosed home.
  •  11/19/08 Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary of Stockton, CA to help with the care of 50 dwarf rabbits abandoned by a breeder.




  • 01/10/2011 TRACS For Texas Bound Bunnies to help with transport costs for moving more of the UVic Bunnies from Victoria, BC to Wild Rose Ranch in Texas
  • 2/10/2011 Ulster County SPCA to help with the care of 24 rabbits rescued from a breeding operation. The rabbits were found to be living in terrible conditions and many had open wounds, parasites, and lacerations.
  • 4/2/2011 Ulster County SPCA to help with the care of 64 rabbits rescued from a woman living in a trailer. Many of the rabbits had open sores, bites, hair loss and other injuries.
  • 5/2/2011 Bunny Bunch to help with the care of approximately 80 rabbits who were found living in a woman’s home who cannot take care of them.
  • 05/12/2011 Bunny World Foundation of Los Angeles to help with the care of over 150 baby rabbits being bred in filthy conditions in the LA Fashion District.
  • 05/12/2011 Bunny Brigade volunteers of Ventura County Animal Services to help with the care of 34 rabbits, 26 of which came from a woman’s backyard.
  • 5/20/2011 Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue of Southern California to help with the spay/neuter of 40 rabbits, thanks to the rabbits’ eviction from the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society.
  • 6/14/2011 Cullen’s Archangel Rescue of Columbia, South Carolina to help with the spay/neuter of a batch of rabbits rescued from a breeder along with hundreds of birds.
  • 6/14/2011 St. Louis House Rabbit Society to help with the care of 32 rabbits found abandoned in a wire mesh contained on top of a threatened levee in the flood area of Southern Missouri.
  • 6/24/2011 Indiana House Rabbit Society to help with the care of 17 rabbits from a confiscation and cruelty case in Dearborn County, IN.
  • 6/30/2011 Hop a Long Hollow to help with the care of an unknown number of rabbits set loose in a strip mall in Straford CT.
  • 7/1/2011 Rabbit Rescue, Inc. to help with the care of 400 rabbits rescued from a hoarding situation in Sudbury, Ontario; 200 of the rabbits have already been euthanized but Rabbit Rescue is trying to help the rest, many of whom are still giving birth.
  • 8/3/2011 Red Barn Rabbit Rescue to help with the care of a number of rabbits rescued from a breeder in Oregon.
  • 8/12/2011 Bunny Bunch to help with the rescue and care of hundreds of rabbits who are living on the grounds of a car rental location in Ontario, California. Recently, a man was arrested and charged with cruelty for brutally killing 40 of those rabbits (see story here). Bunny Bunch needs funds but also volunteers and foster homes desperately.
  • 8/22/2011 The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast to help with the care of 38 rabbits who were dumped after Easter.
  • 9/14/2011 Tuscarawas County Humane Society to help with the care of 82 rabbits seized from a deplorable environment at a farm in Ohio. To read about the case, see story here), and you can see video here) The Humane Society needs donations and help of all kinds.
  • 10/7/2011 Rabbit Haven to help with the care of 34 rabbits seized from a breeder in San Jose, California, most of whom are most likely pregnant.
  • 11/10/2011 Rabbit Haven to help with the care of 116 rabbits seized from a breeder in Aptos, California, many of whom are in terrible conditions. 


  • 1/8/2012 Bunny Bunch to help with the rescue and care of hundreds of rabbits who are living on the grounds of a car rental location in Ontario, California. Bunny Bunch has rescued about 100, but there are still more to go.
  • 1/15/2012 Rabbit Haven to help with the care of over 70 rabbits who were dumped in a field in Salinas, California, and are now being cared for through the Monterey County shelter, which only has space for 6 rabbits.
  • 2/15/2012 House Rabbit Network to help with the care (specifically spay/neuters) of 105 rabbits found in a filthy shed in Lempster, New Hampshire. The rabbits were thirsty, covered with parasites, and had a number of injuries.
  • 2/22/2012 Earthanimal Humane Education and Rescue Society (EARS)to help with the spay/neuters of some of the 600-800 Canmore rabbits who are in danger of being killed by the town of Canmore, Canada.
  • 5/25/2012 Animal Friends Rescue Project to to help with the care of 78 rabbits dumped in Marina, California, many of whom were injured.
  • 9/20/2012 Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Rescue to help with their brand new rescue program in Maine.
  • 9/20/2012 Rabbit Haven to help with two new major cases of rabbits being dumped in both Watsonville and San Jose, California.
  • 11/30/2012 Bunnyluv to help with almost 50 rabbits rescued from a situation where there were hawks and coyotes preying on them.
  • 12/7/2012 Ventura County Animal Services to help with the care of 39 rabbits brought in during the month of November, bringing the shelter’s numbers up to 61, which is far more than they can handle.


  • 1/2/3/2013 Our latest emergency grant has gone to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton to help with the care of 36 rabbits brought in from a hoarder, along with chickens, pigeons, and a ferret. The rabbits need medical care and 12 are pregnant.
  • 3/2/2013 The Santa Barbara Animal Services has confiscated 91 rabbits from a neglect situation.  BUNS  Santa Barbara has taken in many of these rabbits and both groups need help.
  • 5/19/2013 T.H.E. Rabbit Resource , the Upstate New York Chapter of House Rabbit Society, has been inundated by strays and rescues who have been pregnant. The chapter is now filled with babies, resulting in massive costs to the chapter for spays and neuters.
  • 6/15/2013  Sacramento HRS which has taken in 52 rabbits bred for meat who had been left in the 111 degree heat to die.
  • 6/16/2013 Indiana HRS which is organizing the care for 375 rabbits from a breeder in Indianapolis.
  • 9/6/2013 Cullen’s Archangel Rescue in South Carolina which needed help for a mother rabbit and her eight babies, all of whom needed to be spayed. The rabbits were taken in by a high kill shelter without a rabbit program, and Cullen’s Archangel stepped in to help.
  • 10/24/2013  The Rabbit Haven which is assisting 61 rabbits who were breeding out of control in San Jose, California. The rabbits were in immediately danger of predator attack, lived in squalor, and had no housing and inadequate food, water and shelter.
  • 11/17/2013 Cottontail Cottage Rabbit Shelter which sought help with funds for caring for their elderly rabbits on top of the 75 rabbits in their care.


  • 2/7/2014 Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue to help with veterinary care of some of the special needs bunnies in their care. Zooh Corner could really use some extra support so if you can help, please consider donating to them here!
  • 2/21/2014 Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, who took in 34 rabbits from a horse therapy organization where the rabbits were kept in deplorable conditions. Two rabbits were found dead at the scene, two were euthanized and two have passed after they were rescued.   The local animal control is engaging in an on-going investigation with potentially 51 counts of animal neglect.  To read about this terrible case, please visit this story.
  • 3/27/2014  Napa Humane Society and the student chapter of the UC Davis Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association to help pay for spays and neuters of 27 rabbits rescued from a field near the Fairfield landfill in Solano County, California. (HRS also took in three of the bunnies.)
  • 4/8/2014 St. Louis House Rabbit Society to help with the spays and neuters of 192 rabbits confiscated in Franklin County, Missouri, all of whom have been released to Missouri HRS, and all of whom need homes. To read more about this rescue, click here and to find out how you can help, including donating to St. Louis HRS, please visit here.
  • 8/20/2014 Harvey’s House to help with the spay/neuter costs for 33 rabbits rescued from a cruelty case in Henryville, Indiana. To find out about how you can help, visit
  • 10/16/2014 River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary to help with the spay/neuters of 30 rabbits confiscated by Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services, all of whom are being fostered by River’s Wish
  • 12/31/2014 SaveABunny, to help with the medical costs entailed in caring for 19 rescued meat rabbits, most of whom had their feet chewed partially off.


  • 1/20/2015 Bunny Wonderland Singapore, to help with the medical costs entailed in caring for most of a group of 82 rabbits who were surrendered by a breeder who went out of business
  • 2/20/2015 Bun Bun Brigade, out of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, to assist with the medical costs for over five dozen rabbits running loose on a property, who at one time were being bred for sale.
  • 10/8/2015 Wild for Life Foundation, to help with the medical care and housing  needs for approximately two dozen  neglected bunnies who were found living (and breeding) in a pen with mounds of feces over two feet  high, dead rabbits.   Many of the rabbits are malnourished and all of them were infested with mites. To find out more, visit here.
  • 11/8/2015 Friendly Farms of Northern California.  Friendly Farms is providing support to Monterey County Animal Services in their recent rescue of 17 rabbits who had been abandoned, by vetting the medical needs of the rabbits and providing spays and neuters.
  • 12/17/2015  Rabbit Wranglers of Pittsburgh, PA to assist with the rescue of 67 rabbits whose owner recently died. The rabbits were being housed in a garage; the living conditions were less than ideal. Three rabbits required emergency surgery upon intake.


  • 1/6/2016  St. Louis HRS to help fund their garage addition to their rabbit shelter; they will use this addition for storage, so as to open up space within the shelter itself. (chapter grant)
  • 1/15/2016 Wisconsin HRS to help fund their Easter bus tail ads (chapter grant)
  • 1/27/2016 Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, the Rhode Island chapter of House Rabbit Society, to help with the medical care for 19 rabbits found badly neglected and injured in a garage.
  • 2/11/2016  SE PA/DE House Rabbit Society to assist with a rescue involving 47 (at present time) rabbits from a backyard where all were being housed in deplorable conditions and allowed to breed uncontrollably.
  • 2/11/2016 Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, to help them with their rabbit playpen rebuilding project. (chapter grant)
  • 2/20/2016 Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue Society, to help pay for spay/neuter costs for over 50 rabbits who had been bred for meat in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • 3/1/2016 Las Vegas HRS, to help fund a series of billboards educating the public about rabbit abandonment (chapter grant)
  • 3/30/2016 More Than Pets and Stephens County Humane Society, to help with the spay/neuter costs of 40 rabbits who came from a breeding mill.
  • 7/1/2016 Bunny Burrow to assist with costs associated with rescuing 6 bunnies and 19 babies from Mesquite Animal Control.
  • 8/2/2016 Rabbit Rescue Inc. of Ontario, Canada, to help with the costs associated with a rescue of 103 rabbits (plus babies) taken in by their local shelter, which does not have the capacity to care for them. The costs associated with a rescue of this size are estimated to be over $12,000.
  • 8/22/2016 Beaver County Humane Society, to help with the medical costs associated with a rescue of 60 rabbits from Brighton Township, Pennsylvania. The rabbits were part of a 4H project last year, and ended up living in squalor.
  • 8/22/2016  SE Pennsylvania HRS, to help with the rescue of over 30 lionheads who had escaped their outdoor enclosure, and who had been living on the streets, in Cecil County, Maryland, since early April.
  • 10/8/2016 Indiana House Rabbit Society, to help with a crisis developing there. Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) confiscated 36 rabbits from the same breeder, Richard Cartheuser, a Board member for the Indiana State Rabbit Breeders Association,  who had almost 400 rabbits removed by the shelter in 2013 due to poor care and filthy conditions. At that time, Indiana House Rabbit Society  assisted IACS by providing weeks of care to the rabbits, and arranging the transport and placement of most of them.   As part of an agreement Cartheuser reached with the city, he is not allowed to breed or keep unaltered rabbits in the county anymore. This year, they are helping again, and need your help as well!
  • 11/7/2016 The Rabbit Resource/Upstate New York House Rabbit Society, to help with funds for multiple rescues across the state which have resulted in many strays, including many babies, being taken into the chapter’s fostering system. (chapter grant)
  • 11/14/2016 The Humane Society of North Texas, who recently had 38 rabbits released to their care. Unfortunately all rabbits showed various signs of neglect, and the shelter is currently in the process of evaluating and treating their individual health needs to get them ready for their loving forever homes.