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An international nonprofit organization that rescues rabbits from animal shelters and
educates the public on rabbit care and behavior. More on our philosophy...

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Start with House Rabbits 101, the House Rabbit Handbook or our FAQs, including litter-training, diet, housing, toys, and finding a good vet.

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Your donations support our national educational efforts such as the House Rabbit Journal, classes and handouts, as well as local rescue work through our Rabbit Center as well as grants to our local chapters and to other organizations. Please give generously. Thank you!

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News and Events

  • House Rabbit Society is encouraging our friends and supporters to vote for West Michigan Critter Haven, the Michigan chapter of HRS, in this cycle of the Animal Rescue Site's Shelter Challenge. From January 7-April 28, you can vote once daily. Please vote every single day, and encourage your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same! Vote here!
  • There is a major rabbit crisis going on in Connecticut right now. To find out about it, and how you can help, please visit Connecticut Rabbit Crisis. Please spread the word!
  • Our latest emergency grant has gone to Humane Society of Greater Dayton to help with the care of 36 rabbits brought in from a hoarder's home, along with pigeons, chickens, and a ferret; twelve of the rabbits are pregnant, and others need medical care.
  • It's calendar time! Now's the time to buy your HRS Calendar from St. Louis HRS! One of our educators also has her own calendar which you can buy from Cafe Press!
  • There are new articles from the House Rabbit Journal; the page is now caught up to Winter 2011! Visit our Journal archives page to read them!
  • What's New at archive

    Featured Adoptable Rabbit Video
    HRS is committed to supporting adoptions from local shelters and rescue organizations whenever possible. This week's featured rabbits come from Los Angeles Rabbits. If you live in that area and are interested in adopting, or finding out more, please visit Los Angeles Rabbits. If you are outside of the area, please consult your nearest HRS chapter, shelter, or independent rescue organization.

    Featured Articles
  • The HRS Blog!
  • Participate in the Rabbit Health Database
  • Shelters and Rescue Groups: Please fill out our anonymous rabbit statistics surveys here.
  • Pet Loss Support and Grief FAQ
  • Finding a Home for your Rabbit
  • Wild Bunnies May Not Need Your Help! How to deal with orphan baby bunnies
  • Show me a bunny! Displays a random pet bunny picture submitted from our readers
  • Fun Bunny Videos! Displays a house rabbit video submitted from our readers
  • Places with Good Bunny Karma! Websites and Blogs that celebrate rabbits
  • HRS Activist Corner for those who want to get involved and stop rabbit abuse and Two Carrots for Rabbits, featuring companies that help or harm rabbits
  • Visit the Rabbit Reading Room for recommendations on books.
  • Resources for combating animal abuse
  • Send a free rabbit postcard
  • Try out our live Chat Room
  • How to submit an article to the House Rabbit Journal

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    About HRS
    Founded in 1988, we are a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits and educating the public about rabbit care. We are headquartered in Richmond, California and have over 120 licensed educators and fosterers and 30 local chapters across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. To date we have rescued and found adoptive homes for over 25,200 rabbits. More Info

    Looking for Breeding Information?
    We believe domestic rabbits should live primarily indoors and be neutered or spayed. Overpopulation is big problem, and even breeding your rabbit a single time can have consequences. If you find yourself with an unexpected litter of rabbits, we do have some general information about newborn babies that may be of use.

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