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While you’re away on vacation, your bunnies can receive expert, loving care in safe, fun surroundings.

We can accommodate singles, pairs, trios, and special-needs rabbits.
Rabbits are housed in roomy 4’x4′ exercise pens.

Included in the boarding fee, we provide:


exercise pen
food dish
water bowl/bottle
fleece blanket
hiding box
pellets – Oxbow Adult Rabbit, or Oxbow Young Rabbit, or Purina Rabbit Chow
a daily salad of mixed greens
a daily small piece of carrot

You just bring the bunny in a carrier!

Reservations are necessary.  We often fill up weeks in advance for summer months and holiday weekends.
Make a reservation: (510) 970-7575 or

You can sign up/renew your $20 annual HRS membership when you pay for your boarding, to receive our HRS member rates.

Drop-off & Pick-up: 10:30am-4:30pm any day of the week.

Boarding RatesBoarding-1

HRS Member
Daily: $25/single, $30/pair, $35/trio

Non-HRS Member
Daily: $28/single, $33/pair, $38/trio


Cancellations: No cancellation fee is charged for cancellations made at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled drop-off date. House Rabbit Society may charge for the full boarding stay for no-shows or less than 48 hours cancellation notice.

Overstay: In addition to regular daily fees, an additional $10 will be added for each day a rabbit is boarded beyond the scheduled pick-up date.

Medications: $3 per medication/supplement, per day.  Nebulizing $5 per administration.  Syringe-fed Critical Care $5 per administration.

In the event of a veterinary emergency, additional charges may apply.