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While you’re away on vacation, your bunnies can receive expert, loving care in safe, fun surroundings.


We can accommodate singles, pairs, groups, and special-needs rabbits. Rabbits are housed in roomy 4′x4′ exercise pens.

Included in the boarding fee, we provide:
exercise pen
food dish
water bowl/bottle
hiding box
pellets – Oxbow Adult Rabbit, or Oxbow Young Rabbit, or Purina Rabbit Chow
a daily salad of mixed greens
a daily small piece of carrot

You just bring the bunny in a carrier!

Reservations are necessary; we often fill up weeks in advance at peak periods.
To make a reservation: (510) 970-7575 or

Bunny drop-off and pick-up is between 10:30am-4:30pm, any day of the week (except holidays).  If you plan on coming in when the center is closed (before noon or on Mondays), please let us know so that we will be sure to expect you. Please note we don’t answer the phones when we are closed.


HRS MemberHappy Boarder

Daily: $17/single, $20/pair

Weekly: $95/single, $115/pair

Monthly: $310/single, $340/pair

Non-HRS Member

Daily: $20/single, $22/pair

Weekly: $105/single, $130/pair

Monthly: $360/single, $410/pair 


(June-August, Thanksgiving week through New Year’s, and all other major holiday weekends)

HRS Member

Daily: $19/single, $22/pair

Weekly: $105/single, $125/pair

Monthly: $330/single, $360/pair

Non-HRS Member

Daily: $22/single, $24/pair

Weekly: $125/single, $140/pair

Monthly: $390/single, $450/pair



Cancellations: No cancellation fee is charged for cancellations made at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled drop-off date. A $15 fee is charged for cancellations made no less than 48 hours but no more than two weeks prior to the scheduled drop-off date.

Late pick-up: In addition to regular daily fees, an additional $10 will be added for each day a rabbit is boarded beyond the scheduled pick-up date.

Medications: $3 per administration.

In the event of a veterinary emergency, additional charges may apply.