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Ruby-Eyed Rabbits

Adopt a ruby-eyed rabbit! 

These rabbits often have a harder time finding a home, simply because of the color of their eyes.  They just need you to give them a chance to show you how wonderful they are.

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  • Himalayan
  • Spayed/Neutered
Do you know what I dream about at night? Well, sometimes I dream I can't find my carrot and I go wandering through a department store and get stuck on the third floor, not that dream. I mean the dream where I find a family to love me and take me home so I can be their forever bunny and we laugh and play together forever and ever. Do you dream about having a bunny to cuddle and play with and feed treats to? That's me! I'm that bunny! I'm your bunny, come get me! I may be shy at first, but once I get to know you I won't be afraid to give you a nudge and say hello. I like to thump when I play and before I do crazy binkies. Food is the way to my heart and I am a very enthusiastic eater. Like most rabbits, I don't love being picked up or held, but I do like pets most of the time. Especially if you give me a treat! I'm also very good at using my litter box. To see more rabbits available for adoption at House Rabbit Society click here. House Rabbit Society is a rescue & educational organization. We welcome new and experienced bunny guardians. We have 30+ rescued rabbits at House Rabbit Society and our experts will help you find the perfect rabbit. Bring in your bunny for dating/bonding, stock up on rabbit toys, treats and supplies, or ADOPT a rabbit. House Rabbit Society Adoption Center & Hop Shop 148 Broadway, Richmond, CA Tuesday-Sunday, noon to 5pm To learn more about how to take care of a rabbit, see
Adult, Female, Medium
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