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Feb 10, 2016

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Toys and General Supplies
Hay, Food and Treats
Medical Supplies
HRS Sources

HRS Sources


Toys and General Supplies

  • Binky Bunny Great stuff for rabbits! With any purchase by a new customer made using this link, Binky Bunny will share some of the proceeds to House Rabbit Society.
  • Bird Kabob Check out the fun new bunny blast toy!
  • The Blissful Bunny sells great hay boxes and toys for rabbits. If you buy a hay box from this link, Blissful Bunny will donate 50% of the proceeds to any chapter of your choosing. Just note in the notes field on the etsy page which chapter (or national) that you want to support.
  • Bunny Bytes Great stuff from the “outfitters of the urban rabbit!”
  • Bunny Bunch Lots of great things for you and your rabbit
  • Home of the HairBuster comb!
  • BunnyLuv Great toys and stuff for rabbits
  • Bunny Bazaar (UK Based) Essentials For Companion Rabbits
  • Great toys and fabulous wooden playhouses for rabbits
  • BunTales Fun playhouse structures and they donate a percentage of each purchase to rabbit rescue!
  • Busy Bunny Some of the best rabbit toys and goodies around! With any purchase made using this link, Busy Bunny will give 10% of the proceeds to House Rabbit Society.
  • Cats and Rabbits and More Great stuff for rabbits, and much of it benefits San Diego HRS!
  • Creative Bird Toys Lots of fun toys for rabbits and other small animals
  • Critter Cord Protection for your electrical cords
  • Critter Cookies Yummy, healthy cookies for small animals, supporting Rascally Rabbit Rescue in Arizona
  • Funny Bunny Toy Company Great toys made of natural woods and cotton rope
  • The Hare Apparent Beds and toys; specialty items for disabled or recovering rabbits
  • Leith Petwerks Makers of the Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo, serving the house rabbit community since 1997, a company that actively participates in fostering and rescue with a portion of proceeds going to fostering and rescue organizations, too!
  • Napoleon Bunnyparte Toys and snacks!
  • Palace Pet Beds Synthetic sheepskin pads which are terrific for disabled rabbits, with a percentage of proceeds going to HRS!
  • Pet Care Depot Housing, toys, and other supplies
  • Pet Treasures Synthetic sheepskin Sterilon pads
  • Pluesch Nasen (Plush Noses) A German website that sells toys and other goodies for rabbits, including an incredible wooden castle for play
  • Wabbit Works Home of the Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet; for each box that is sold from our websit, Wabbit Works will donate $2 to HRS (be sure to note HRS in the “comment from buyer field”)


  • Bunny Bunch sells lots of great things for you and your rabbit, including housing options
  • Leith Petwerks makes the Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo, serving the house rabbit community since 1997, a company that actively participates in fostering and rescue with a portion of proceeds going to fostering and rescue organizations, too!
  • Rabbitats makes fabulous housing structures for rabbit rescue sanctuaries

Hay, Food and Treats

Following is the list of hay, pellet and treat manufacturers, or products, that we recommend.

Note: Not all manufacturers are listed here because we do not recommend any pelleted food with seeds, nuts, whole or crushed kernel corn, dried fruit, starchy treats, etc.  Such food can be harmful and even lethal for a rabbit.

Animal Testing by Product Manufacturers

HRS will not support food manufacturers who engage in terminal research with rabbits.  We have asked each manufacturer for a statement on their position on this issue, so that everyone can make an informed purchasing decision.

  • Oxbow is committed to not participating in research that involves the willful harm or euthanasia of animals.
  • FarmerDavePetSupply does not do any research on live rabbits or any other live animals.
  • Sherwood Pet Health does not do any research on live rabbits or any other live animals. Our rescued pets are our official taste testers used in improving the palatability of our treats, SARx and Support Tablets. Our research is based off of consolidating previously published research in all disciplines and then working with pet parents and their vet to assess the effectiveness of our formulations (such as the digestive and urinary support tablets being able to effectively help remedy these issues. Terminal research isn’t necessary or justified. Nor do we do it.
  • Supreme Pet Foods does not have any involvement or participate in any animal testing or animal research.
  • Hopalot Snacks does not conduct any animal research; they simply use rabbits as “product tasters” for quality control.
  • Bunfectionary does not conduct any animal research; their rabbits taste test all of their products, and the ingredients are not only safe for rabbits and humans but are found in every day foods.
  • Small Pet Select would like to confirm that we do the same inquiries with our suppliers and have never done and will never do any testing on animals.
  • Bingaling Bunnybox does not use any form of laboratory animal testing for any of our brands, including Bingaling Bunnybox brand, Crazy Tasty brand, and Scooter Snaps brand. We also do not sell other brands that we know to conduct laboratory rabbit or other animal testing. We are proud of our compassion policy, and as house rabbit parents ourselves, could not in good conscience, conduct our business in any other way.

Medical Supplies

NOTE: House Rabbit Society does not support commercial or exploitative interests, nor do we endorse products. Donations from manufacturers may be gratefully accepted, but no obligation is implied. Objective recommendations of products are occasionally made for health and care reasons but never in exchange for payment or publicity.

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