Amoxicillin Warning

Our warnings will be repetitious to many of you, but we have so many new members, who don’t have this important information.  Some veterinarians have sources that say it’s okay to give Amoxicillin to rabbits. Reliable sources that state otherwise far outnumber them. And because our library includes not only books and scientific publications but also facts collected form hands-on experience of private practioners and their clients. In all modesty, we claim to know most of the experienced rabbit doctors across the country. (By experienced, we mean seeing at least 20 rabbits per week.) Although there are individual variations in procedures and opinions, veterinarians recommended by House Rabbit Society do not prescribe Amoxicillin.

This obscures the problem to veterinarinas who are less familiar with rabbits. If they have treated several rabbits with no side effects, they may assume that it is a safe drug for rabbits. (Many of the people notifying us have changed veterinarians and the previous vet, who prescribed the Amoxicillin does not hear the resultant death.) Another reason is the delayed reaction. Sometimes a rabbit dies up to 10 days after treatment has ended. This is because it takes some time for the 2-step process. THe beneficial gut flora have been destroyed, allowing the overgrowth of pathogenic (to rabbits) bacteria. If the pathogenic bacteria are of certain strains, they will produce toxins that can kill the rabbit.

Whether or not a rabbit survives treatment with Amoxicillin depends on quantities and strains of pathogenic bacteria left in the intestines and the individual rabbit’s ability to cope with the toxins produced.

Our veterinarians never want to take that risk. And all veterinarians on our referral list never take the risk. There are too many other choices. We have yet to see culture results of an infection that is sensitive only to Amoxicillin.

by Marinell Harriman

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