Books and Videos From Drollery Press

The following house rabbit educational items are produced by Drollery Press, which also operates a rabbit sanctuary housed at the same location. Proceeds go to the support of these sanctuary rabbits.

Cover1_5x5 The House Rabbit Handbook, 5th edition
The original and most comprehensive guide to living with and caring for house rabbits. Recent ideas from many rabbits, their owners and their doctors.



Your First House Rabbit
New! Covers all the basics of caring for your first rabbit. Setting up the proper environment, litter training, diet, plus much, much more.
Newly revised DVD: 43 minutes. $24.95 plus shipping.

Introducing Rabbits (to each other and other companion animals)
New! A guide to introducing rabbits to new rabbits in your household, as well as to other companion animals such as dogs and cats.
Newly revised DVD: 45 minutes. $24.95 plus shipping.

Assisted Living for Special Needs Bunnies
New! Focuses on day-to-day care and will visually demonstrate techniques to preserve your disabled bunny’s quality of life and to conserve your own energy on a long-term basis.
Newly revised DVD: 40 minutes. $24.95 plus shipping

Video Shorts

Shaping Your Rabbit’s Space: The Fine Art of Integrating Lifestyles
Living spaces in combination with larger play spaces work best when optimized to fit with your lifestyle and meet the following challenges: Is it safe? Can you clean it? Is it interesting? Does it provide nooks and crannies for bunnies to hide in, toys to chew and toss, and space to run and romp?
Video CD (playable on most DVD players): 10 minutes. $12.95

Knowing Your Rabbit’s Routines: What to expect and when to worry
When rabbit behavior is repeated on a daily schedule, it becomes a routine, we can derive routines, from our bunnies’ self-generated routines, that help us monitor health and happiness.
Video CD (playable on most DVD players): 10 minutes. $12.95

Encouraging Your Rabbit To Exercise
Rabbits of all ages benefit physically and mentally from exercise. As they age, they sometimes become sedentary and need to be enticed by companions and equipment.
Video CD (playable on most DVD players): 10 minutes. $12.95

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