Bunnies Keep on Truckin’

Those of us who own rabbits who cower during even the shortest car rides might cringe at the vision of a rabbit who regularly hits the road. But “Buggsy,” a little black-and-white Dutch, not only regularly rides in a vehicle—he lives in one. “See, my husband and I are truck drivers,” writes DeLisa Webster, of St. Francisville, Louisiana, “and Buggsy lives in the truck with us. So he’s a well-travelled rabbit. He’s been in 21 states, all the way from California to Maryland.”

Buggsy spends most of his commute time playing and sleeping on the bed behind the front seats in the cab. “We put his blanket down and let him run around,” DeLisa writes.

That blanket isn’t entirely for him, of course. When DeLisa wrote us last spring, Buggsy was still in litterbox training. “He gets it most of the time and we have lots of patience,” she wrote, “but we gave him his own blanket to protect our bedding from mishaps.”

Most rabbits huddle in the back of their carriers as soon as the human turns starts the car. But Buggsy “prefers to stretch out in the middle of the bed,” according to DeLisa. And she thinks that the time spent amidst the rumble of the engine, the grinding of gears, and the squeak of brakes has done her little bunny good.

“He doesn’t startle easily,” she writes, “even when we take him out on the leash and let him walk around.

Susan Davis

House Rabbit Journal Fall 1998: Volume III, Number 11