Ideas Have Legs

Who belongs to which legs? It doesn’t seem to matter to Spot and Trigger (owner and location unknown).

If you’ve ever been the recipient of a bunny’s get-away kick, you have received a powerful message. You’d rather have bunny’s legs engaged in playful side-kicks, leaps and spins. Maybe you feel annoyance when you’re awakened by thumps in the night. Dogs bark; rabbits thump. Not gifted in vocal abilities, bunnies must work with the tools they have.

A leggy reminder–Thumper gently lets Smokey know that, “You belong to me.” (Reva Thoroughman, Aurora, Colorado).

Legs are escape vehicles to flee from predators (or humans picking them up). Legs are weapons to defend their territory from other rabbits or to defend their ears from fleas.

Occupying as much of a sofa as a stretch can reach, the reposing bunny was described on the back of the photo as “our little couch potato” (owner and location unknown).

Bunnies make their legs work for them, and they also make them talk. In their more active conversations, we often hear them say, “Watch out!” or “Hooray!” or “I’m out of here!”

But when it comes to the quieter ideas expressed, the one I like the best is pride of ownership–the legs that say, “I like this.”

Marinell Harriman

House Rabbit Journal Fall 1998: Volume III, Number 11