I’m Always with You

Look for me not here, for I have flown away
My body grew weak, and here I could not stay

But my spirit lives, although you cannot see
It continues on, the essence that is me

For, you must recall, what is loved never dies
In the bright sun see the sparkle of my eyes

In sun-kissed grass feel my silky-soft, warm fur;
Feel my gentle breaths when summer breezes stir

A soft rose petal–just like my velvet nose;
A pussy-willow–just like my plushy toes

Fuzzy dandelions are like my tail of fluff;
Open your senses–you’ll know me sure enough

My whiskers’ tickle, the grass on your bare feet;
My hind feet thumping in Earth’s own rhythmic beat

A leaf on your face, the soft tips of my ears…
Just pay attention–look! hear! feel! through your tears

Always in your heart, and ever in your mind–
You needn’t look far–would I leave you behind?

by Pat Dallmann-Weaver in memory of Domino

House Rabbit Journal Summer 2004: Volume IV, Number 10