Iowa Chateau

Our kind of rabbit owner knows no limit and spares no expense when it comes to accommodating their rabbits comfortably. Four angora rabbits belonging to Terri Doyle live in their own luxurious house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Spacious cages, at window level, keep the rabbits separated inside.

Although we encourage people to have their rabbits in the same house with them, certain situations, such as allergies, may make this impossible to do. Here’s a way to provide separate housing, without exposing the rabbits to predators or weather extremes. This one is not only comfortable for the animals but also aesthetically pleasing to humans. Terri’s description: “My husband built a house for my rabbits. You’re thinking no big deal–but it is! He built an 8´ x 12´ house with a textured ceiling, wallpaper, paneling, windows with mini-blinds and curtains, a linoleum floor, heat, a fire alarm, and more.

I clean my cages daily and brush the wire to remove wool build-up (daily too). I line my trays with newspaper and every morning scoop up the paper (very easy and almost free).”

Marinell Harriman

House Rabbit Journal Volume II, Number 7