The largest House Rabbit Mailing List. You’ll find lots of knowledgeable people, including many House Rabbit Society educators participating in the discussions. This list is unmoderated.
You’ll find lots of knowledgeable people, including many House Rabbit Society educators, participating in the discussions. This list is moderated and is limited todiscussions on health, care and behavior issues only.

HRS Facebook Group

This is the main rabbit lovers group on Facebook. Organized and maintained by HRS, it does not allow discussions of breeding, the use of rabbits for meat or any other exploitative purpose, and promotes house rabbit care.
This is a list for rabbit lovers who want good, scientific information in a friendly format!
This is THE social networking site for rabbits. It’s free, and members can post profiles, blog, join groups, and chat in various forums.
PetBunny People
This is a facebook group for folks to share information about rabbits.
Rabbit Rescue People
This group is to post about rabbits looking for homes. This is not a group for breeders, but for people who rescue rabbits and would like to post them.
Bunnies in Need
Bunnies in Need is a website, discussion group and donation site which hels rabbits looking for homes and other rabbits in need.
UK Pet Rabbit Mailing List
Its purpose is to discuss pet rabbits in the UK.
A Danish House Rabbit List
Australian Companion Rabbits
An Australian House Rabbit List
Rabbit Renal Failure (CRF)
A discussion group for Rabbit Renal Failure (CRF).
Disabled Rabbits
A discussion group for people who live with disabled rabbits.
A usenet newsgroup for discussing rabbits.
Bunny Rabbit Mail
Bunny-Rabbit-Mail is a world wide group about sharing information about house rabbit-related topics.
Rabbit Activist List
A discussion group for discussing activist issues like fur, meat, and vivisection.
Lagomorph Lounge
A list for discussing house rabbit issues.