Places with Good Bunny Karma

After you’ve had a chance to look our site over, you might want to check out the following places on the web. Some are house-rabbit related, some aren’t, but all of them seem to exhibit a lot of love and respect for our fine furry friends.

Annie’s Home Grown Pasta
The pasta that proudly carries the Bernie Bunny seal of approval. It’s really tasty, too!

Baskets for Bunnies
A small nonprofit group that sends supplies to rabbit rescue organizations

The Beatrix Potter Society
Everything you need to know about the life of Beatrix Potter.

Budget Bunny
Where living with a rabbit doesn’t mean breaking the bank

Bunnies and the Rainbow Bridge
A place dedicated to many dear rabbits who have passed away.

Lots of great information in a fun format!

BunnyopiaEducation and photos!

Cute–that’s all we have to say!

The Social Networking Site for Rabbits

Ellen Moseley’s Music Page
A rabbit lover and musician with lots of songs about or inspired by rabbits

Free Bunny Screen Savers
Two screensavers you can download and use for free.

The Brooklyn Bunny Cam
Featuring the famous Roebling! Updates 24 hours a day!

Disabled Rabbits
A comprehensive website featuring everything you need to know about your disabled rabbit.

Little Bunny, Big World
The adventures of a little bunny in a big, big world

Mr Chloe
The World’s Most Traveled Bunny

My House Rabbit
A great website chock-full of information

Oxbow Animal Health
They sell great rabbit food and hay and also make grants to rabbit rescue organizations

Watership Down Rabbit Vocabulary
Learn all about the special Lapine Language used in Richard Adam’s classic book, Watership Down.

The Bunny Museum
This site is dedicated to The Bunny Museum of Pasadena, CA.

The Story of Bunnies
According to this tall-tale, bunnies once ruled the earth and will again someday.

The Banana Site
Since bunnies love bananas…


The links are provided as a convenvience. These sites are not sponsored by, affiliated with, or the responsibility of House Rabbit Society. We have no control the content of these sites, and in no way endorse any of the information or opinions they may contain.

Conversely, Because of the way the web is structured, we have no control over who provides a link into our site. Seeing a link to originating from another site in no way implies our endorsement of that site.

We limit our links to sites that are in agreement with our organization’s spay/neuter and adopt from a shelter philosophy. Therefore we don’t link sites that sell rabbits or promote breeding.

Let us know if you see a link that is not in agreement with our philosophies or have a house rabbit-related link you’d like us to add, update or remove.