Problems with Vegetables

My two year old male rabbit has a problem with releasing unformed, not quite done, soft smelly blobs along with formed droppings. His veterinarian says we can try to help him by increasing his roughage. (He ruled out parasites.) However, my rabbit WILL NOT EAT VEGETABLES. He has unlimited timothy hay, which he eats, and he will eat half an apple. He has turned his nose up at the many types of vegetables we have presented, even when we give him no alternatives. Any vegetable suggestions or other suggestions for his problem?

Karen Schebaum
Malden, MA

Roughage should be an important part of every rabbit’s diet. To increase roughage, try not only vegetables, added gradually, but a variety of hay and straw, moderate amounts of fibrous fruit, and high-fiber pellets. Additionally, your rabbit’s soft stool could result from other non-dietary conditions, so further diagnostics may be necessary.

House Rabbit Journal Volume III, Number 6, December 1995