Rick, Fred and PJ

Rick’s interest in siamese cats switched to rabbits several years ago when he visited the House Rabbit Society in Alameda. A small male rabbit hopped up his arm, sat in his elbow and yawned. Captivated by the rabbit’s cavalier attitude, Rick named him Boris and took him home in the cab he drove at the time. Boris became the first known taxi rabbit.An incurable extrovert, Boris loved to ride in the cab. From Rick’s lap, he scampered around the front seat. If the passengers were slow to notice him, Boris would hoist himself up on the middle armrest so that it was impossible to ignore him. Surprised passengers enjoyed his visits.

Rick took Boris everywhere. Cafe owners declared Boris to be a regular and his pour was Bunny Water in a large shot glass.

Later, after Boris died, lonely Rick visited the local SPCA and found Fred, a New Zealand black. Fred was large and solid with a gentle, no-nonsense attitude. Also a tiny male dwarf bunny charmed Rick with his squirrel-colored coat, short straight ears, big bright eyes, and perky behavior. He took both rabbits home.

At one and a half pounds, the dwarf, now named PJ (for Peter Joshua) was wildly mischievous and sometimes vicious. He bit Rick and fought with Fred. Although gentle and patient, Fred soon had enough of this unacceptable behavior and, as an adult weighing 20 pounds, has convinced PJ to alter his attitude. A mellow PJ is now very affectionate with Rick and Fred but keeps his distance from other admirers.

Rick, Fred and PJ hang out at their favorite cafe. The regular customers play cards or chess or somtimes read. Fred cares little for these time wasters and heads for his window seat to relax. His eyes at half mast, he feels at home.

From Rick’s coat pocket, PJ’s alert, bright eyes check out the action. Friends come by with treats, but Fred’s affections are not so easily won, unless you have brought bok choi, his favorite vegetable. If not, you open your bag of goodies, leave it near his nose, and he will get to it at the proper time. A good scratch on the head is tolerated–well, yes–enjoyed, but don’t attempt to dislodge him from his station at the window.

Back at home, after an exhausting evening of cafe hopping, Fred and PJ groom each other and play a game of tag. The odd couple snuggles together on a pile of clothes and soon are fast asleep.

Helen von Ammon

House Rabbit Journal Volume II, No. 6