Knock Three Times and Tell Them Happy Sent You

I want to tell you about this very extraordinary rabbit who came into our lives quite unexpectedly. We call her Happy. We found her in our backyard 4 years ago and immediately scooped her up to protect her from predators. We contacted Animal Control to find out if anyone had reported a bunny missing–but no one did. Needless to say, she has become part of the family.

At that time, we knew nothing about the proper care needed, but thanks to House Rabbit Society and their wonderful, educational website, we learned. I borrowed a large cage from a friend. We found out immediately that she hated to be caged, even for a short period of time. So from that moment on-the cage was placed in storage. Terry built her a beautiful condo, in our attached garage, which she loves!!! It is filled with her favorite toys, tunnels, a litter box, a carpeted ramp, and a large hay box. We call the top level her Penthouse. She loves her condo so much that at times she refuses to leave it, even when she’s supposed to come inside and visit. Unusual behavior and the honest-to-God truth.

Early one morning as I was sipping coffee at the kitchen table, there came a loud knock at the door. I went to the door but saw no one. I sat back down for another sip when there came yet another knock. Again, I looked, and still no one was there. I was completely baffled. For the third time there came a loud knock. “No, it can’t be”, I thought. “Can it?” I went to the kitchen door and looked down–and sure enough, there was Happy. I opened the door and she hopped into the kitchen. Later that day, I relayed the story to my disbelieving husband. The very next morning, she did it again, making a believer out of Terry. Since then, Happy has learned to let herself in and out of rooms by pushing the door open with her head and teeth.

Now this next story will seem totally unbelievable. It occurred 4 years ago during the Winter Olympics. Terry and I were watching the games and Happy was sitting on the floor. We were watching skiers come down the mountainside, do several flips, and attempt to land on their feet. I got up from the sofa and reached down to pet Happy’s head, when she used my hand as a springboard, jumped high into the air, did a backward flip–and landed on the sofa right next to my husband!

Happy is strong-willed and very aggressive. When she wants something, she doesn’t stop until she gets it. She knows she is not supposed to go behind the sofa. We laid down barricades (unwrapped rolls of paper towels) to block her entrance. One day, after several unsuccessful attempts to get past the barricades, she backed up into the kitchen, lowered her head, and charged full speed ahead into the paper towels-sending them flying through the air. She then ran behind the sofa, her mission accomplished.

Whenever she comes to visit, she never enters quietly. She grunts and makes all sorts of noises as if she’s trying to communicate with us. We still haven’t figured out what she’s saying. She also makes the same grunting noises whenever she circles our feet.

She is an unbelievable gift, a total joy, and we worship the ground she hops on. In our house, this Bunny rules!
by Mary Cohan

House Rabbit Journal Fall 2005/Winter 2006: Volume IV, Number 12