The Right Decision

For almost three years we have taken Skeeter every seven days for (tooth) trimming and every eight weeks to our exotics veterinarian who trimmed his back teeth. Recently, we had a bad experience in that Skeeter jumped from my arms suddenly, and when he hit the floor, his uneven teeth cut his mouth. With his blood and my panic, we made it to the emergency clinic. The bleeding was stopped, and we were told to see our regular vet. Upon taking him to the exotic specialist (Vicki H. Kondik, Towne Animal Clinic in Leesburg, VA), she suggested extracting the troublesome teeth. We had talked about this before but weren’t ready to make a decision. This accident decided for us. The surgery was a complete success. We are watching him closely and will have him checked every few days until he’s feeling like himself again. The article you published in the last issue of HRJ on teeth extraction convinced us we were doing the best thing for Skeeter. Our veterinarian keeps up on the latest procedures, and Skeeter is in capable hands.

Sandi Monaco
Centreville, Virginia

Yours was not a hasty decision and was well evaluated by rabbit experts before jumping into surgery. This is something we want to emphasize to our readers.

House Rabbit Journal Volume II, Number 7