Hurricane Season

Preparing for your animals’ safety is a necessity. A good carrier where they will be safe in the car and which will also serve as home a way from home when you arrive at your destination. Most carriers the front door may be removed so this makes it more homelike for your animal. A carrier, is not the whole solution though as the animals need to exercise so equally important is having an exercise pen this is invaluable when you set up in a motel or at friends or relatives homes. Dogs, rabbits etc need room to move about and have some freedom as they wait the time to come home and the pens are invaluable solution. Setting up the pen and putting their carrier inside as a place to go and rest makes for a secure place and comfortable for your animal. Make sure to have their favorite blankets and toys for the pen and you use flat cardboard boxes for the floor of the pen.

By all means don’t forget the litter boxes, litter, food, bowls and water. Evacuating can be stressful for all but these hints help in making your pet safe and giving them a comfort zone.

Also with these arrangements if you are staying with someone you do not have to worry about your pet tangling with theirs or doing any damage to their place, remember if a hurricane hit here you could be in for a long stay away from home. So having these things ready now cuts down on your checklist when you have to hurry and evacuate. As a side notes these are also good suggestions when you plan a trip or go away with your pet on vacations.

If your pet is on medication please talk to your vet ahead of time so you will have it on hand when you evacuate. Hoping you will only be vacationing and not evacuating.

by June Booth