Alphonse and Ezmerelda

My name is Krissy, I am 20 years old from upstate New York and I have recently made my first two rabbit adoptions. I spend most of my time on house rabbit society and it has been my inspiration!

I got my first baby from a local pet store in town that was closed down because the owner did not follow proper animal care procedures. Now, normally I don’t support places like that but I was brought in there with my boyfriend on my twentieth birthday (April 13th of this year) to look at a ferret. The ferret was gone but there was a 10 gallon tank, with pine bedding and a tiny food dish containing six baby lion head dwarfs and a single brown dwarf mix.

This may sound crazy, but I felt like we had an instant connection! I asked to hold her and as soon as they placed her in my arms I knew she was mine! They told me that she was a girl and the first word out of my mouth was “Ezmerelda.”

So, that day I brought her home, and did lots of research (never really had a rabbit before and I wanted to make sure I was doing it right) and learned how to properly take care of her. Now, she does have a six foot cage that she sleeps in but she also has a play room set up entirely for her and her new companion, Alphonse. Ezmerelda is now six months old and has two vet appointments. I was told that she is incredibly happy and healthy which made me so happy my heart hurt! Ezmerelda is getting spayed this Thursday.

Alphonse is an adorable 7 pound rex-dwarf mix that we actually adopted two weeks ago. He is six years old and was kept in a dirty garage on a cement floor in a rusty, wire dog kennel. The moment my boyfriend and I saw him we just knew that we had to save him! So we instantly found a way to adopt him and brought
him home with us to his new play room! (he isn’t neutered yet so we are keeping Ezmerelda and him separate for the time being, also if he is sick with something contagious we don’t want her getting it too).

We have already put quite a bit of love and attention into rehabilitating Alphonse. When we brought him home we realized his nails were immensely long (almost growing into his feet), he was covered in fleas, his eyes were watery, he had dirt in his nose that constantly made him sneeze and he was so filthy we actually had to give him a bath. He has tiny scabs on the side of his mouth as well as on the inside and his back teeth are pretty badly over grown.

Alphonse’s very first vet appointment is scheduled for Thursday as well and we are quite nervous but willing to take on any challenges.

So, my point in taking the time to tell you all of this was just to thank you for your website because it was one of my inspirations in making our playrooms and they absolutely love your toys! Thank you for posting your rabbits’ stories on your website so the rest of the bunny-loving population can be inspired too!!


Krissy St. John, Zachary Robare, Ezmerelda Leona, and Alphonse Fluffy-face!!