Rabbits on the Loose in Connecticut and Rescuers Need Urgent Help

HRS Connecticut Educator Deb Carron has just found out about a situation in CT with a large number of rabbits (at least 100) in neglect

There are rabbits both in hutches and running loose on the property and over a quarter mile range around the property. The owner does not live on the property and only comes by once a week to feed the animals.

Many of the rabbits have runny eyes, some appear to have injuries from fighting, and some appear very thin.

The food remaining in the bowls in some of the hutches appears to be chicken meal, and there are burrows in the ground all over the property that appear to be inhabited, as rabbits are going both in and out.

On December 17, Animal Control visited the home and immediately called in zoning officers who clarified that the property is not zoned for “livestock” and all animals must go. The animal control officer prepared a letter of forfeiture and has attempted to make contact with property owner, who apparently does not live on the premises.

The property owner has three options: rehome the animals, butcher the animals, or relinquish to rescuers. Deb informed the officer that she and her volunteers would like to buy the rabbits for “reasonable compensation” if it comes down to that. The animal control officer purchased and delivered food pellets and hay and put it about the property for the rabbits to consume.

If Deb and her volunteers can get the rabbits, they have a building where they can house them temporarily if they can get supplies and help.

The House Rabbit Connection will be providing help and resources, although the organization is not assuming direct responsibility for the rescued rabbits. Both Deb and HRC are seeking help with this crisis. Here’s what is needed:

  • A pledge of cash to buy the rabbits, if that becomes necessary to prevent them from being butchered
  • Local volunteers to come in and help round up the rabbits from the neighborhood
  • More funds for food, litter, hay and other rabbit care supplies
  • Electricity costs for barn, which, sadly, is uninsulated…just need to keep it warm enough to keep the rabbits and care volunteers from freezing
  • Possible spay/neuter assistance
  • Ex-pens, carriers and other supplies, either for donation or for loan
  • Medications; photographic evidence of URIs so will need antibiotics. Will likely have at least one of the runny-nosed buns titred for pasteurella as well.
  • Toys
  • Rescue commitment to take some of the rabbits. Deb and her volunteers can coordinate the initial legs of a Bunderground transport from CTSo far Deb has commitments for help in the way of donations, transport, or taking rabbits from the following groups:
  • House Rabbit Society
  • New Mexico House Rabbit Society
  • Arkansas Pet Rabbit Network
  • Oxbow Hay Company
  • Bolton Veterinary Hospital
  • To help, please contact Deb Carron. She will accept all toys, food, hay and other supplies and can give you a mailing address to send such items to. Thanks to the generosity of people around the country, they have received enough cash donations for a while, and no longer need them for the time being.