Flyers for Easter and Bunnies Don’t Mix

We’ve designed these flyers to help others spread our important message that “Easter and Bunnies don’t mix.” Please distribute as many as you can this Easter season. Some of these are also appropriate for all year long!

In addition to handing them out to passers by, you might also want to drop off copies at local pet stores, animal hospitals, supermarkets, or other places with public message boards.

The bunnies thank you!

Not a Toy 
Covers all the points of our Easter message, with bold eye-catching graphics.


Not Free Flyer
A great Post-Easter flyer explaining why domestic rabbits shouldn’t just be “set free.”

The Perfect Easter Bunny
A color flyer which encourages a stuffed rabbit as the perfect gift rather than a real rabbit.

Easter vs. Chocolate
A comparison of chocolate and real rabbits for Easter.

Make Mine Chocolate
From Columbus House Rabbit Society, the Make Mine Chocolate Campaign encourages chocolate rabbits instead of real ones.

Disappearing Rabbits
What happens to rabbits after Easter? This flyer provides some valuable information. Created by

9 Common Myths 
Covers the major myths about rabbits and rabbit ownership; good for any time of the year.

Rabbits vs. Reindeer Reindeer Rabbit Flyer 
Great comparison between buying a rabbit at Easter to buying a reindeer at Christmas. Created by Orlando Rabbit Rescue.

Choose Chocolate Choose Chocolate 
Promotes chocolate rather than real rabbits at Easter; created by

Easter bunnies Real bunnies are not Easter toys
Fact sheet for Easter with a bullet point list of rabbit facts and needs, along with text describing the problems behind purchasing rabbits at Easter.

Rabbits are Not Easter Toys Rabbits are Not Easter Toys
Colorful advertisement sending the message that rabbits are not toys. Created by

Rabbits are not Easter toys Rabbits are not Easter toys (horizontal)
Colorful advertisement sending the message that rabbits are not toys. Created by

406388_508980212493890_1970549200_n Do you know where your rabbit came from?
Great message about rabbit mills. Created by

406388_508980212493890_1970549200_n Not Toys
Another great flyer comparing rabbits to toys. Created by Leah Hassan.