Hermes, A Furry Bundle of Unexpected Joy


I’m a little fur ball, short and stout.

If any noises scare me, I won’t come out.

When everyone leaves, I go where I’m snug

And take a safe nap on my private rug.

I sleep all day, but every night

I tear the place up ’till it feels just right.

A potty in the corner is my special place;

I use it with an odd expression on my face.

I jump with a twist, high in the air,

Then land and scoot right out of there.

I run in circles around my pop

And bang into stuff when I try to stop.

When something happens that leaves me in doubt,

I shake my head ’till I figure it out.

They pet my nose, my head and ears

To help me forget my worries and fears.

I munch on carrots, greens and grass

And shoot black pellets out of my ass!

Happy as a clam but twice as smart–

I chew on wood, rugs, wires and art.

My time with you is a gift you can’t own:

I’m just a messenger on a short-term loan.

I try to bring you joy and my needs are few.

The love you give me hops right back to you!

By Sam and Nancy Edwards

House Rabbit Journal Winter 2011: Volume V, Number 6