They Called Her Clover

They called her Clover, that sweet bunny girl;
And we are so happy she’s part of our world.
She was lost when we met her and living outside.
We thought she was wild-with her brown bunny hide!
Till the day when I brought her some pellets to eat,
She came hopping right over and sat at my feet.
That’s when I knew she’d been somebody’s bunny,
And I told her, “Don’t worry-we’ll help you, honey!”


Then we set out to catch her and find her a home:
We knew that this bunny couldn’t live on her own.
But when all was in place to give her away,
She reached up and said she’d be happy to stay.
So we learned how to care for this beautiful creature,
And realized quite quickly that she was our teacher.
She showed us the joy to be found in each day
From tooth purrs to binkies and timothy hay.

Now we bless her at night and each day when we pray.
We thank God for the bunny who taught us the way
To live in the moment and enjoy each day’s treasure,
And delight in the laughter that shows her our pleasure.
Perhaps we have found a brown bundle of love,
Or is she an angel God sent from above?

Yes, they called her Clover, our own bunny girl;
And we are so blessed to be part of her world.

By Joan Waters

House Rabbit Journal Winter 2011: Volume V, Number 6

Clover was rescued by my husband on March 16, 2008. Her prospective foster mom named her Clover. Without the help received from the Upstate New York chapter of the House Rabbit Society, we would never have known the joy of living with this beautiful girl. Thank you so much!