WarrenWise: Winter 2009


Our national history was reported in the last issue, and our chapter histories continue to be told. In looking back, we not only extol our accomplishments but also show what modest beginnings set them in motion. Today’s bunny champions may work in a multi-organizational effort to get a group of bunnies to safety, as our feature story demonstrates, or as individuals rescuing a single rabbit at a time-the way that nearly every HRS chapter originated.

Book/DVD recap

There was a time when bunnies who lost their hop were considered ready for euthanasia. Thanks to the persistence of enlightened veterinarians, it has become common knowledge that disabled bunnies can enjoy a high quality of life. General acceptance has changed so much that there are now support groups to contact and an abundance of information online.

A new book promotes this cause: When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care by Lucille C. Moore and Kathy Smith. This book is loaded with information on the various conditions that require special care, along with treatment and therapy for these conditions. Most HRS chapters, as well as our national office, offer this book for sale, or you can order it online. Also, a new DVD: Assisted Living for Special-Needs Bunnies, by Marinell Harriman, addresses the day-to-day issues and long-term care for bunnies with special needs. Go to www.drollerypress.com to purchase. Also available are ’08 revisions of Introducing Rabbits and Your First House Rabbit.

Illustration by Beverly Endsley for “Drowned Rats” in Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits


Other new books recommended at HRS are Bramley’s Little Sister and Bunnies in Boats. Find out more information from our our reading room.

Here’s news on beloved books that came out in ’07. Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits, by Marie Mead with Nancy LaRoche, was named Finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award in the Best New Voice (Nonfiction) category from the Independent Book Publishers Association. Why Animals Matter, by Erin E. Williams and Margo DeMello, has recently been reviewed in Veg News, Mother Jones, Monsters & Critics, Media Mouse, Alternet, Thinking Shift, Animal Literature, Contra Costa Times, Greenbelt News-Review, Planet Save, and the Environmental Blog. The authors have held numerous radio interviews as well. Find out more information from our our reading room.

When zero sales is a good thing

Petco has announced that it will cease its sale of rabbits in all Petco stores and as of early 2009, the only rabbits available at Petco stores should be rabbits from shelters or rescue organizations. HRS applauds the work of animal welfare groups around the country who have been urging Petco to stop the sale of rabbits, birds, and other animals in their stores. This has no doubt played an important part in Petco’s decision, along with local rabbit rescue groups, who have established rabbit adoption programs that helped end the sale of rabbits. HRS encourages Petco to reach out to animal rescue groups and animal shelters all across the country in order to help those organizations adopt out their homeless rabbits, birds, and small animals. Petco can, and should, play a leading role in rehoming, rather than selling, adoptable animals, and HRS hopes that Petco will use responsible criteria in screening adopters, and also provide them with educational materials.

By Marinell Harriman

House Rabbit Journal Winter 2009: Volume V, Number 4