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House Rabbit Handbook

by Marinell Harriman

Packed with the collected wisdom of bunny-lovers and charming, candid photos of their pets, this manual tells readers how to successfully integrate a rabbit into one’s life. Harriman includes the latest in veterinary information and helpful how-to sections on care and feeding.

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Stories Rabbits Tell: A Natural and Cultural History of a Misunderstood Creature

Susan E. Davis and Margo DeMello

“No other book has depicted rabbit behavior in such a meaningful way, while pointing out incongruities in human thinking that allow such high or low regard for the same animal. This is an extraordinary book, long overdue and extremely informative. It contributes to human awareness of the nature and position of rabbits and should be read by everyone who cares about animals of any kind.” -Marinell Harriman, Founder, House Rabbit Society

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Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits – Inspirational Stories of Rescue, Triumph, and Joy (revised edition)

Marie Mead with Nancy LaRoche

The twenty-five heartwarming stories in this book illustrate the true spirit of rabbits: courageous, comical, intelligent, and willful. Although based on actual events (many of them initially traumatic), all the rabbits end up in loving homes, reminding us of the strong bond shared by humans and animals and of the difference we can make in the life of another. Specialty articles, including veterinary care, dental issues, and rabbits in the classroom (including one about modeling love and respect), round out the book. The revised book contains updated information, five new stories, and two new articles.

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The Discarded Rabbit

Lucile Moore and Debby Widolf

Discarded Rabbits is an invaluable handbook on rabbit rescue that is filled with helpful information for both first-time rescuers and those with years of experience. It is logically organized with separate sections on large-scale rescues and individual rescue, and includes true rescue stories that encompass both the tragedy and triumph of rabbit rescue. Foreword by Michael Mountain, cofounder of Best Friends Animal Society.

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Confessions of a Bunny Blogger

Carrie Henderson

Meet Frederic the Great, a scrawny Californian mix with a huge enthusiasm for life! Fred was rescued from a neglectful situation in New Jersey, and wound up at Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary in rural Willis, Michigan. That’s where we met, and this story begins.

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($2 per copy purchased is donated to Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary in Michigan)


Nobody Wants to Eat Them Alive

Gayane F. Torosyan  and Brian Lowe

For centuries, rabbits have been used as a food commodity. And yet even today when there are millions of families keeping rabbits as domestic companions. In Nobody Wants to Eat Them Alive, authors Gayane Torosyan and Brian Lowe use semiotic analysis to explore the changes occurring in societal perception of rabbits as commodity animals as juxtaposed to their increasing popularity as domestic companions.

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Bunnies for Bunnies

Cecile de Vries

Bunnies for Bunnies is a book by 22 international artists who brought their passion for photography and their love for bunnies together. All the proceeds of this book will go to House Rabbit Society.

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(all proceeds are donated to HRS!)

When a Man Loves a Rabbit

Bruce Atchison

This humorous and informative narrative details Bruce Atchison’s experiences living with house rabbits. The 144-page memoir has the additional benefit of being unobtrusively educational especially for first time bunny owners.

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Bad Hare Days

John Fitzgerald

The author writes about one of the world’s most barbaric blood sports–hare coursing–and his fight to end it. In addition to highlighting the hare’s sad plight, this is also a campaigner’s story. The author recounts vividly the ups and downs of his own fight against cruelty. The gentle hare, apart from its use and abuse in coursing, has now become an endangered species in Ireland, and this book reinforces its right to be protected.

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Benny’s Fantastic Adventure

Sharon Heather

Benny was adopted from a shelter in the UK and his mum and was an active contributor to Facebook; 2,000 Facebook friends followed Benny’s antics every day. Tragically, Benny passed away and his family and his Facebook fans mourned the loss of this gentle giant. Sharon has written this book to commemorate him and his life and his relationship with his Facebook friends around the world: people, rabbits, dogs, birds, guinea pigs and hamsters.

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Zen Buns

by Bonnie Tomek spacer

Zen BUNS is a collection of original illustrations and zen quotes for the digital age as presented by cartoon rabbits. Illustrations and quotations with room for journal notes. spacer

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Why Does My Rabbit…?

by Anne McBride

Rabbit owners can avoid a lot of headaches if they keep their pet’s natural instincts in mind. Addresses many problems that rabbit owners have with their pets and suggests probable causes with solution. The history of domesticated rabbits and the behavior influences of their wild ancestry is used to many aspects of rabbit behavior.

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Creating a Peaceable Kingdom: How to Live with More Than One Pet

by Cynthia D. Miller

This book fills the void for those animal lovers who choose, or are chosen, to live with more than one pet, and want to maintain a harmonious and clean household. The book is full of tips for creating an efficient care routine, introducing animals to one another, and keeping all the animals and people of the household healthy and happy.

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Hop to It : A Guide to Training Your Pet Rabbit

by Samantha Hunter, Samantha Fraser

Offers some useful tips on training your rabbit. However, it’s important to remember the advice is based on experience with only a single rabbit, and the info is a bit outdated – it hasn’t been updated since it was first published in 1991.

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Veterinary Reference

The Biology of Rabbits and Rodents

by Drs. Harkness and Wagner

The Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents has long been considered a “classic” in veterinary medicine. Now in its fourth edition, this essential work remains a practical, easy-access manual that spans the diverse needs of both practitioner and researcher. Drs. Harkness and Wagner have carefully rewritten and extensively updated their practical, trusted resource.

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Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents : Clinical Medicine and Surgery

Quesenberry and Carpenter

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About House Rabbit Society


25 Years of Rabbit Rescue

House Rabbit Society celebrates 25 years in 2013! To mark our accomplishments, we are offering a commemorative book, published on Blurb, called 25 Years of Rabbit Rescue, available as either a hard copy or paperback. This 94-page hardcover book, or 98-page paperback book, in a square-format (just like the House Rabbit Handbook, which started our organization, and the House Rabbit Journal), is full of full-color photos from House Rabbit Society’s history, and focuses on our volunteers and the rabbits we’ve rescued.

Buy the 7×7″ paperback or hard copy book at Blurb

All proceeds from the book will go towards funding our Emergency Rescue Fund!

Children’s Educational Books

Rabbits, Pikas, and Hares

Sara Swan Miller
The author does an awesome job of explaining in plain English what a lagomorph is. As a part of that, the author explains about kingdom/phylum/class/order/family/genus/species. She goes on to give details about several different species of rabbits, hares & pikas. In classic children’s book style, it has lots of nice photographs and illustrations.
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Rabbits and Hares

Emilie U. Lepthien
Nice explanation of wild rabbits and hares and the similarities/differences between the two. Educates about things like habitat, physical features, diet, predators, reproduction, the difference between lagomorphs & rodents, and so on. Includes some great photographs.
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Baby Bunnies

Bobbie Kalman
In spite of the name, this is actually a good educational book. It covers all the same topics as “Rabbits and Hares,” although this one includes a bit of information about domesticated rabbits. This book is better suited for younger children as it has a lot more illustrations, photos and diagrams to explain things visually.
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Animal Lives: The Rabbit

Sally Tagholm; handsomely illustrated by Bert Kitchen
This book educates about the European wild rabbit using a narrative form. This book and “Rabbits, Pikas, and Hares” are the only two children’s books that explain cecotropes.
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Recommended Fiction and Children’s Books

Animal General Interest

Why Animals Matter: The Case for Animal Protection

Erin E. Williams and Margo DeMello

“A comprehensive, up-to-date, passionate and above all, compassionate account by two people who are knowledgeable about animals, and even more important, love them.” -Jeffrey Masson, author, When Elephants Weep, The Pig who Sang to the Moon
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When Only the Love Remains

This 240 paged hardcover book is the author’s journey though the grief following the sudden and untimely death of her precious pet rabbit, Poochie. Her writing helped her recover from her death, is a memorial toher glorious life, and is already helping others to deal with their grief upon the death of a beloved pet friend.

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Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul : Stories About Pets As Teachers, Healers, Heroes, and Friends

by Jack Canfield (Editor)

If you enjoy hearing stories about people who love their pets, and go out of their way for animals, this collection of stories is for you. This book relates the unconditional love, loyalty,courage and companionship that only animals possess.

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