2014 Bags for Buns Fundraiser!

Nov 3, 2014

2014 Bags for Buns Fundraiser!
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Our friends at Bunspace are once again organizing their annual Bags for Buns Fundraiser! At this event,  Bunspace’s admins and their friends will make special bags filled with toys and treats. A few weeks before Christmas those bags will be sent to shelters to surprise their rabbits. Last year Bunspace members raised 699 bags!! In addition, $1 of each donated bag will go to the House Rabbit Society Emergency Rescue Fund.

In 2014, the rabbits being cared for by these rescue groups will be lucky enough to receive the gift bags.

How can you help?
untitledFor every bag you sponsor you will add a little cheer to a shelter bun. And if you are a Bunspace member, for every bag you sponsor, Bunspace adds a certain amount of Nomies to your Nomies account, plus you will get a “Bags for Buns Sponsor” icon to your profile(s).

To donate, click here!

Thank you Bunspace!