Become an HRS Educator

The rabbits need your help! Would you like to become a House Rabbit Society Educator?

House Rabbit Society Educators are individuals who, thanks to their experience gained through volunteering on a local level with a humane society or other organization, or through fostering rabbits at their home, have a level of knowledge about rabbits that surpasses the rest of the population, are in agreement with the House Rabbit Society philosophy, are House Rabbit Society members, and want to use their knowledge to educate others and to help rabbits.

House Rabbit Society Educators are responsible for:

  • Working with local shelters to help them with their rescue and adoption programs
  • Educating the public through distributing educational handouts, holding educational seminars, and working with shelters and veterinarians
  • Operating a phone/email help line to help local people with health and behavior questions
  • Cultivating a referral list of veterinarians who safely work with rabbits in your area
  • Providing assistance with helping people to find homes for their unwanted rabbits, and with helping others to adopt needy rabbits
  • Spreading the HRS message of spay/neuter, indoor living, and other basic tenets.

You’ll make an annual Educator Pledge:

If you live within the bounds of an HRS chapter, please contact that chapter to find out about volunteering as an Educator with them. If you do not, please consider applying to be an educator-in-training!

  • HRS Educator Application (Note: We are currently refining our qualifications to be an HRS Educator-at-Large. As such, we are putting new applications on hold. Please stop by again after January 1, 2023 to complete your application.)
  • Educator Pledge