Start a House Rabbit Society Chapter

House Rabbit Society is always looking for new rabbit rescue organizations to become House Rabbit Society chapters!

How does it work?

House Rabbit Society chapters are managed by a chapter manager. In order to become a chapter, you must first:

  • apply to be a licensed HRS Educator
  • be managing your own 501c3 rabbit rescue organization
  • have rescued at least 10 rabbits
  • have at least one other HRS Educator working with you
  • foster homes must be in full accordance with HRS policies
  • be in agreement with HRS philosophies
  • sign (via the application) the Chapter Manager’s Pledge

What does running a chapter entail?

Responsibilities usually include:

•Coordinating state or regional fostering and education programs
•Providing a network for local members
•Educating local members through mailings or newsletters
•Solving urgent problems through public phone/email support
•Building and maintaining a website to promote foster rabbits for adoption and educating about domestic rabbit care and behavior
•Organizing educational seminars
•Expanding membership
•Making financial and fundraising decisions for the area
•Allocating donations to support local programs
•Helping local animal shelters with rescue and education programs.
•Participating in HRS activities such as participation on email lists and training programs

Think you have what it takes? Then consider applying to be a chapter today!