2017 Educator Conference Videos

House Rabbit Society Education Conference
Growing Your Knowledge of Rabbit Care and Welfare
October 20-21st, 2017

Staying Strong in Animal Rescue – Debby Widolf

Adopters Welcome – Suzanne D’Alonzo & Anne Martin

Preventing and Dealing with Aggressive Rabbits – Joy Gioia

Helping the Public Keep Their Rabbits at Home – Criss Starr

The Rabbits of Okunoshima: Rewilding the Domestic or Domesticating the Wild? – Margo DeMello, Kototyo Hoshina, Koushi Takahashi

Creating Successful Rescue-Veterinarian Partnerships – Carmine Bausone, DVM

Fundraising and Using Social Media to Help Rabbits – Anne Martin

The Vet Doesn’t Open Until 8am and OH NO! There’s a Problem – Linda Siperstein, DVM

The Golden Years: Caring For the Geriatric Rabbit – Linda Knox, DVM

Growing Your Organization: Everyone Can Do It! – Joy Gioia & Edie Gower

Recruiting, Training, and Retaining a Solid Volunteer Corps – Kimberly Elman

Community Outreach: Activities, Events, Strategies, and Publicity – Joy Gioia & Patricia Mulcahy

Rabbit Health: Newest Treatment Protocols & Time Tested Effective Ones plus Current Thoughts on E. cuniculi – Bill Guerrera, DVM

Emergency Rabbit Confiscations: How to Quickly Mobilize an Effective Rescue Response: Case Studies – Dawn Sailer

Rabbit Agility Training and Course Building – Alison Giese