HRS Educator’s Pledge

1. I pledge that as an HRS educator, I will uphold House Rabbit Society’s philosophy and follow its policies. I will do so for as long as I am a House Rabbit Society Volunteer.

2. I pledge to send in annual activity reports to the Volunteer Director in order to stay licensed.

3. As a nationally licensed volunteer, I pledge to provide volunteer help to national HRS.

4. I pledge to participate (even if just by reading) in HRS email lists. I pledge to respect the privacy of HRS lists and other volunteers by not forwarding, without permission, list messages to others.

5. I understand that my license restricts my activities to my own area, and I pledge not to speak or write (or to give the impression that I am speaking or writing) either publicly or privately as a representative of national HRS, without the explicit and advance knowledge and consent of the HRS board.

6. I pledge to always have courteous communication with HRS members, other HRS volunteers, the HRS board, and the general public.