Harvey’s House Rabbit Rescue and Sanctuary in Kentucky Closes

With dismay, we share Harvey’s House Rabbit Rescue and Sanctuary, the former House Rabbit Society chapter in Kentucky, has closed. With the closing of Harvey’s House, it is also closed as a licensed HRS chapter. Harvey’s House reached a point where they could no longer viably care for their fosters and determined their best course of action was to close their rescue and find placement for their rabbits. With the information supplied, we concur that it is in the rabbits’ best interest for the rescue to close.

The majority of the rabbits have now been relocated to other chapters and rescues across the country.

In light of these events, we appreciate that improved communication and increased involvement between House Rabbit Society and our chapters will benefit volunteers and animals alike and help us better meet the needs of our communities.

If your rescue is able to help take in rabbits from the closure of this organization, please contact [email protected]