HRS Bunny Brigade Monthly Giving Club Members

Bob & Maco_Adamo
Bob and Maco Adamo, original bunnies of Lisa Adamo, House Rabbit Society’s very first HRS Bunny Brigade Monthly Giving Club member, who inspired her to begin giving to us on a monthly basis. Who inspires YOU to give?

House Rabbit Society would like to thank the generous members of the HRS Bunny Brigade Monthly Giving Club, our monthly giving club that literally pays the bread and butter–or Carrots and Bananas!–of our monthly expenses.

For the privacy of our donors, only Bunny Brigade members who have expressly given their permission are listed below. We wish to thank everyone who is part of the Bunny Brigade for their ongoing support – we’re so grateful for your continued generosity!

Interested in becoming a member of the Bunny Brigade and helping rabbits in need? Join now at! If you join at the $30+ per month level, you will receive a beautiful, handmade pendant by Christy Robinson Designs, with House Rabbit Society’s name inscribed on it. All Bunny Brigade members receive a $10 gift code that can be used at BinkyBunny.

HRS Bunny Brigade Club Charter Members

Lisa Adamo
Bowen Cho
Kimberly Farrell
Dr. Cynthia Gong
Joyce Lively and Ronald Kardon

HRS Bunny Brigade Monthly Giving Club Members

Anonymous, in honor of Sunny Bunny and Rocky Roo
Anonymous, aka “Blue Rabbit”
Anonymous, aka “Theo’s Minions”
Jaleh Afshar
Jenn and Andy Baker
Adrienne Bambach
Leanne Bissinger
Samantha Buettner
Monica Calistru
Lisa Cathey
Dan, Sako, and Vickie Chapman
Joyce Chee
Rebecca Clawson
Erin Cleary
Sharon A. Cox
Patricia Dallmann-Weaver, Daniel Weaver, and Snuggles, in loving memory of Domino, Catie,
Seana and Honeybun
Jasna Davidson
Mayene de La Cruz
Maria and Albert DiMeglio, in loving memory of Sandy
Eliote Durham
Elaine Elwood
Lois and Matt Emmens
Darcy Feuerstein
Laurie F., in loving memory of PB and Piccolo
Florence Friebel
Vera Gebhardt
Cheryl Gehrke
Julie Gray
Matthew Hammond, on behalf of Navi
Amr Hanano & Li’l Grey – Collectively known as “HusBUNd”
Rosalind Harper
Cecily Harris
Jennifer Heaton
Naomi and Dwayne Heinsma
Michelle Hoang
Stephani Jenzen
Stacey Jonasen
Bill Kennedy
Shona Koehn
Gina Lambert
Kristin Larsen
Jeff Lewenczuk
Deirdre Liu and Jerry Tan, in loving memory of Bao Bao
Lisa Lynch, in honor of Katie, Gretel, and Jessie
Sandra and Michael Martin
Laurent Malric
Pat Muscat
Bob Massey
Steven Matarazzo
Jessica Miller
Ashley Mundis
Joseph Nobile
Tammy and Tom Nogles
Gail Palin
Jill Zapoticznyj Payne
Tonya Penkrot
Judith Pierce
Kelsey Preisinger
Veronica Ramos
Suzanne Ray
Katherine Richardson
Andrew and Jill Robinson
Maria Russin
Amanda Rybicki
Brandon Saelee
Dawn Sailer
Sepida and Leon Sazgar
Norah Shultz
Jeff and Christine Shun
Christine Sinnette
Karyn Smith
Whitney Stein
Ann Tabor
Madison Tinsley
Christina Trahan
Elliot Weeks
Jason and Stephanie Williger, in loving memory of Lola and Hamlet