HRS Supports and End to Greyhound Racing



Patrick Baga of GREY2K USA
781-488-3526, [email protected]

Christie Taylor, PhD, Director, House Rabbit Society
603-759-7915, [email protected]

Beth Woolbright, Interim Executive Director, House Rabbit Society
[email protected]

House Rabbit Society Supports GREY2K USA’s Efforts to Phase Out Greyhound Racing

The House Rabbit Society proudly announces its support of the US Greyhound Protection Act and for GREY2KUSA. Our support for GREY2K reflects our love for animals and specifically the role rabbits sometimes play in greyhound racing as ‘training tools’ and ‘bait’ rather than as sensitive intelligent companion creatures. Supporting an end to the exploitation of greyhounds saves dogs AND rabbits from brutal training practices where rabbits are chased, mauled and killed in the process of training dogs that will ultimately be worked to death or callously discarded when they’re no longer profitable. We hope you’ll join us in supporting GREY2K’s mission promoting a sensible unwinding of a dwindling industry that commodifies exploitation and cruelty. 

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Approved by House Rabbit Society Board of Directors 2021.10.27