“Living Nightmare” of rabbit neglect alleged at Peacebunny Cottage

Peacebunny Cottage, a barn that housed the rabbits of Peacebunny Island, was served and searched with a warrant tied to an ongoing animal cruelty investigation. Investigators from the Savage, Minn. Police and Minnesota Federated Humane Societies believe the neglect and cruelty witnessed at Peacebunny Cottage “did not occur overnight” according to the warrant. The humane society said Peacebunny was not living up to its purported goals and , “instead appears to be a living nightmare for these rabbits.”

Minnesota Federated Humane Societies, the non profit that assists law enforcement with animal cruelty investigations, said it launched an investigation after learning that more than 200 rabbits were living at the farm with feces “piled so high that the animals were tunneling through it.”

The investigation is ongoing, and the majority of the rabbits are still on-site according to Minnesota Federated Humane Societies. Rabbits Rescue Minnesota, 4 Paws animal control and the Animal Humane Society are among the organizations assisting with the response.

House Rabbit Society is reaching out to local organizations to determine support that many be be needed. Continue to visit our website for updates.