Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions, Inc. Receives 5th HRS Grant of 2022

Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions, Inc. is the recipient of a $1,000 HRS Emergency Rescue Grant.

Details of the Emergency Rescue

This rescue consisted of a colony of 30-50 rabbits found in an East Orlando neighborhood. Local county animal services and the local animal shelter Pet Alliance does not accept rabbits. Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions (ORCA) is working with both organizations, Orange County, and the public to find temporary facilities to house these rabbits until their health is evaluated and foster homes can be found for all the rabbits. This volume of rabbits is a tremendous increase to the 80 rabbits already in ORCA’s foster care system. The identified temporary facility has no utilities, and ORCA is seeking more permanent housing for the rabbits. We estimate facilities will be needed for six months.

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