Laurie Gigous 

A member of the national HRS board since 1996, vice President Laurie Gigous is also a member of the following board committees:  Licensing; HRS Emergency Rescue; and Conference Committee. Her volunteer work with HRS goes back to the early 90s and includes a turn as the chapter manager for the Orange County chapter. Laurie currently works in the safety/health environment field and before that in human resources and corporate banking.

Fricassee was my first born, and how I found out about HRS.

Joy Gioia

Vice President
In addition to the position of HRS VP, Joy is the Director of Education for HRS as well as being on the Licensing, Grant, and Board Development committees. She is the chapter manager (since 1998) of the House Rabbit Society of Missouri (St. Louis.) Her work experience includes being an international travel training instructor as well as working in IT, marketing, and as a veterinary technician. Sheโ€™s volunteered as the president of Smizer Valley Saddle Club for 14 years; as a director and writer for an amateur musical theater group, and as a shift supervisor and training instructor with Missouri Wildlife Rehab as well as a board member, shift supervisor, training instructor and co-founder of the Wildlife Rehab Clinic. At this point she has also attended well over a hundred veterinary conference classes on rabbits and piloted the 2014 HRS Conference in St. Louis.

It was Belle the bunny who really did change my life.

Dawn E. Sailer, BS, MS 

Dawn has served on the national House Rabbit Society board since 2016, currently as president as well as chair of the HRS Emergency Rescue Committee. She founded Indiana HRS in 2001, acting as chapter manager until 2015. With a BS in biochemistry and an MS degree in chemistry, Dawn works as an analytical chemist, working at multinational pharmaceutical company. Other nonprofits where she has volunteered include Come Bye Border Collie Rescue and St Michael the Archangel Parish Council.

Vinnie was my first house rabbit. We adopted him from Chicago HRS. My mother called him the “ankle biter” ๐Ÿ™‚ Clearly she did not know how to speak bunny!

Edie Gower

In addition to serving as board treasurer and on the board development committee, Edie has served as chapter manager of The Georgia House Rabbit Society. She has a BS Business Communications and has worked in Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Business Management. Edie used this experience to build the first facility for rescued rabbits in the Southeast while she was chapter manager of The Georgia House Rabbit Society. She has been a member of the national HRS board since 2016.

My first bunny that changed it all was Sweetie.

Beth Woolbright

Interim Executive Director
A founding and current national HRS board member, Beth has had numerous roles at the national level including public information director; board secretary, vice president, and treasurer; as well as House Rabbit Journal writer and executive editor. She is also the acting executive director. Her career has been focused on the San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit sector. For fifteen years, she worked on behalf of such philanthropic foundations as the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and The Christensen Fund. In addition Beth has worked at the nonprofits San Francisco School of Needlework and Design and The SF Market.

The bunny that started it all was Patrick, the College Roommate.

Paige K Parsons

Paige began volunteering as a national educator with House Rabbit Society in 1994 when created our website, She served as Education Director from 1997-2002, as well as a national board member from 1998-2004. Paige rejoined the HRS board in 2022 and is spearheading the modernization of our website. Paige has a background in user experience design, but for the past decade has worked as a live music photographer. She also serves on the board of the Mothering Symposium, as well as the leadership council of Dyslexic Advantage.

The rabbit that changed everything for me was my first house rabbit, FooBar, to whom is dedicated.