House Rabbit Society is an international 5013c nonprofit animal welfare organization. We operate an adoption and education center at our international headquarters in Richmond, California. In addition to our national organization’s rescue, fostering and education efforts, we work closely with our network of licensed chapters and educators across the United Sates and the rest of the world.

If you’re looking to reach out to us, here’s where you’ll find a list of everyone associated with our organization, grouped by role, in the sections below.


Licensed Educators and Chapter Managers

House Rabbit Society has educators in 37 US states plus the District of Columbia, as well as eight non-US countries.


Map of House Rabbit Society Local Chapters

House Rabbit Society has 25 licensed chapters in 19 states (and Washington DC), plus an additional 3 international chapters. Clicking on a map link will take you to the local chapter’s website.

[Google_Maps_WD id=2 map=2]


Board of Directors

Laurie Gigous, President
Joy Gioia, Vice President
Edie Gower, Treasurer
Dawn Sailer, Secretary
Beth Woolbright
Paige Parsons


Volunteer Advisors & Staff

Interim Executive Director
Beth Woolbright

Medical Advisor
Anthony Pilny, DVM 

Legal Advisor
Mara C. Hurwitt, Esq.* * licensed to practice in Virginia and the District of Columbia


House Rabbit Society Staff

Communications Manager
Larissa Church

Shelter Manager
Amber Tadena

Animal Caregiver
Sharea Giger


Note: There are also many independent rescue groups in the US, Canada, and the rest of the world.