Adopt a Rabbit Month

Jan 12, 2017 by HRS

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Photo by Joe Beane

February is Adopt A Rabbit Month! Animal shelters and rabbit rescues have rabbits of all ages, shapes, and sizes just waiting to be adopted. Adopt A Rabbit Month is a great time to adopt a friend for your single bunny.

Why adopt instead of buy? Rabbits are the third most surrendered animal at shelters — there are so many waiting for a home. Adoption saves two lives: the rabbit you bring home and the rabbit who can take his place at the shelter. There are also many hidden costs to purchasing a rabbit from a pet store or breeder. Adoption from a reputable shelter or rabbit rescue will help you avoid those costs.

The benefits of adoption often include:
• Already spayed/neutered and microchipped
• Socialized by shelter volunteers or in a foster home
• Personality profile developed by people who know the rabbit well
• Already litter box trained
• First Veterinary exam done
• Post-adoption support provided by the shelter or rescue
• Dating and bonding assistance to help you find a great friend for your bunny

Adoption always includes the wonderful knowledge that you are not supporting irresponsible breeders or cruel animal mills. Adoption helps mitigate the companion animal overpopulation problem by lessening the demand for creating new animals.

Remember, rabbits are not low-maintenance or “starter” pets. But they are sweet, fun, wonderful companions for people who are willing to learn about and practice proper rabbit care.

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by Amy Ramnaraine
House Rabbit Society Educator in Training, Minnesota