Join the Bunny Brigade

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House Rabbit Society would like to invite you to join a very special group of donors: the House Rabbit Society Bunny Brigade Monthly Giving Club. This special club has made a commitment to donate to HRS on a monthly basis, ensuring that we can provide lifesaving veterinary and daily care to rabbits in need each and every month.

House Rabbit Society would like to give a special gift to members who join the House Rabbit Society Bunny Brigade monthly giving club at a $30+ per month level. Your monthly gift provides lifesaving veterinary and daily care to rabbits in need, and you will receive a very special token of appreciation from us: a beautiful, handmade pendant by Christy Robinson Designs with the House Rabbit Society name inscribed on it.

You’ll also become a member of a very special club of Bunny Brigade members who sustain our daily operations.

In addition, for Bunny Brigade members who join at any level, our friends at BinkyBunny, the coolest place to buy rabbit stuff, would like to send you a $10 gift code that can be used to buy anything on the amazing BinkyBunny website.

The best thing about it is that it’s easy! Join the Bunny Brigade here!

Once you’ve entered your information, your credit card will be charged on the same day every month for the amount that you choose.  It’s that simple!  As a member of the Bunny Brigade, your annual House Rabbit Society membership is automatically renewed, and you will continue to receive all the benefits of being a member of House Rabbit Society.  You can change your level of ongoing support, or end your monthly donations at any time, by contacting our membership program manager at
, or by phone at 510-970-7575.

What are you waiting for? Join today!  The HRS Bunny Brigade needs YOU!