CA Residents: Call to Support AB-485

Apr 13, 2017

CA Residents: Call to Support AB-485
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ACTION ALERT: CA Residents Call Your Representatives For the Rabbits!
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If you’re a California resident, we’re asking you to contact state senate representatives today to ask them to support AB-485, which, if passed, would prohibit pet stores from selling rabbits, cats, and dogs. Rabbits, cats, and dogs would still be available for adoption in stores through rescue groups or shelters.
This bill will be incredibly important in the fight to save animals from euthanasia, by forcing pet stores to only offer rescued animals to the public. You can read the whole bill here:
 The Senate votes on July 17th.
Please call these Senate representatives today!
Members of the Senate Standing Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development:
Senator Jerry Hill (Chair)916-651-4013
Senator Jean Fuller (Vice Chair)916-651-4016
Senator Bill Dodd916-651-4003
Senator Cathleen Galgiani916-651-4005 (no need to call, she is a coauthor on the bill and animal lover)
Senator Steven M. Glazer916-651-4007
Senator Ed Hernandez916-651-4022
Senator Josh Newman916-651-4029 (no need to call, very much in support, true friend to the animals)
Senator Richard Pan916-651-4006
Senator Scott Wilk916-651-4021
(This list was generously provided by Social Compassion in Legislation.)
If AB-485 passes this Senate committee, it will go to the Senate for a general vote. It will require the Governor’s signature to pass. You can find out more information about this bill on Social Compassion in Legislation’s website:
Please help us share!
If you’re OUTSIDE of California and are curious whether your state has laws governing the sale of rabbits and other companion animals, you can find a list on our website:

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