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    With the combined efforts of Theresa Brennan, her rescue friends, AFRP, Best Friends, Rabbit Haven and HRS contacts, all but 14 rabbits are now rescued from the horrible conditions at the breeding site in Kern County. There are now many different needs but at least the rabbits will not be sold as snake food or killed in inhumane manners. Next steps will be getting photographs, food, supplies and placements for all those bunnies rescued.

    Thank you to everyone who has helped. If you want to send a contribution to help these good people care for these bunnies, any donations that you wish to make may be sent through Rabbit haven ( through our Paypal account. All proceeds will go directly to the care of these rescued bunnies. (Food, Hay, litter boxes, food water bowls, pens, spay neuter and basic medical care). Thanks again for everyone's help. Over 200 rabbits have been rescued!

    House Rabbit Society is a non-profit rescue and education group.
    We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!