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  • Help Needed for Closed Rabbit Sanctuary in Maine

    A few years back some folks in Maine started a rabbit sanctuary, but, as too often happens, they grew too large and are now out of funds. They have been evicted from their home and have placed 120 rabbits (almost all in pairs and over 5 years) in temporary housing in a barn in Wiscasset. They have been given three weeks by the barn's owners and the local animal control to place the rabbits. I am helping them to search for suitable homes for the buns.

    If any of you have room for a pair or more, please contact me. The couple no longer have a phone, so you may contact me at 603-569-9372 or through e-mail if you can help or have any suggestions. We need assistance not only in taking rabbits, but also in transporting rabbits across New England. If you can help, please contact me.

    Thank you,

    Caroline Hess
    HRS Educator/Fosterer
    NH House Rabbit Services

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