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  • Rabbits at Sacramento City Animal Shelter need your help!

    Over 70 rabbits were seized from a home in the Sacramento area. They are all sizes, breeds and mixed breeds, including lots with long angora type fur. The age range is from newborn to adults. They are all in surprisingly good shape considering the conditions they were found in. The shelter staff can't properly care for this many rabbits without our help.

    How can you help? The most important thing you can give is the gift of your time. You can come to the shelter and help to care for the rabbits and you will buy them more time to find their forever homes. Even if you can only donate an hour once a week, it will make a tremendous difference. With enough volunteers helping to care for the rabbits, we are hoping to extend the amount of time the shelter will work with us and get all the rabbits adopted.

    To volunteer, please contact Shannon Asquith, volunteer coordinator at:
    She will work with you to set up times for you to come to the shelter.

    The shelter is located at: 2127 Front Street, Sacramento CA 95818.
    The shelter hours are: Tuesday through Friday 11am to 6pm
    Saturday 10am to 4pm
    Sunday & Monday - Closed

    How else can you help? Right now there is a need for decent cages for all the rabbits. If you have a cage in good condition, with a pull out tray under wire flooring or one with a solid plastic floor, please bring it to the shelter. In addition, heavy crock type bowls that the rabbits can't tip over are needed. Bags of Timothy rabbits pellets would also be appreciated. Two bales of Timothy hay have been donated, so they do not need that currently.

    Free things you can donate! In short supply are pieces of cardboard to put in the cages to keep the rabbits off the wire flooring and protect their feet. These become soiled with urine and need to be replaced almost daily. Save the cardboard rolls from your paper towels. They can be stuffed with hay and given to the rabbits to chew on and play with.

    Fun things you can donate! Surprise! Rabbits like to play with toys. Anything made of hard plastic and that makes noise (bells inside) are sure to be played with. They love to toss them around and make noise. Cat toys, bird toys, and some human baby toys would brighten up their cage time.

    Margaret Batterman
    Chapter Manager
    Sacramento House Rabbit Society
    P.O. Box 19850
    Sacramento, Ca. 95819

    House Rabbit Society is a non-profit rescue and education group.
    We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!