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  • Bunny Rescue of Nashville Desperately Needs Your Help!

    Bunny Rescue of Nashville has helped with a large rabbit seizure case and we desperately need the public's help. The state veterinarian had counted 51 rabbits so far that needed to be seized. They are allowing the owner to keep around 30 if she agrees to allow us to shuttle them to Nashville for spays and neuters.

    Update 1/4/05:

    We are down to 20 bunnies now and things are looking better. Only 20 new bunny moms an dads to recruit! We've consolidated these into 2 separate garages, and all are now very healthy. If anyone can help us, please call (615)260-3808 or email us at Here is the link to the updated photos:

    Update 11/7/05:

    When we got to the home, there were lots of rabbits who had died the week before and the owner was burying them in a mass grave in the back yard. Over a hundred rabbits were counted by the state veterinarian and there were 60 still living when we arrived. We found two litters of babies tucked away under furniture and the rest were adult rabbits with puncture wounds and severe abscesses from fighting.

    It was very sad, but the goal of the criminal investigator and D.A. was for us to help them make it a cooperative effort so she would not have to be arrested. She was not in good physical or mental health, and her husband was suffering from lymphoma.

    We have a wish list of things we will need to care for the bunnies.


    1. Litter Boxes
    2. Vinegar
    3. Greens/Veggies
    4. Betadine
    5. Towels/Washcloths
    6. Carpet Remnants
    7. Newspaper
    8. Any paper based litter
    9. Linoleum (12 x 12 piece)
    10. Large quantities of Baytril
    11. Heavy Dog Bowls
    12. Chew Toys and other toys/tunnels/kitty condos
    13. Stacking Cages

    If you can help with any of these items, please contact:

    Laurie Montgomery
    Bunny Rescue
    Nashville, TN

    Bunny Rescue is caring for all 60 at The Farm At Natchez Trace and would love any help with changing litter boxes! Any donations can be called in or mailed in directly to our vet:

    Little House Animal Hospital
    Dr. Kathy Kunkel
    2131 Hillsboro Road
    Franklin TN 37069
    (615) 791-9148

    House Rabbit Society is a non-profit rescue and education group.
    We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!