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Diese Seite listet alle unsere Dokumente zur Kaninchenpflege nach Thema auf. Auf Englisch gibt es auch eine Stichwortsuche. Wir empfehlen Neulingen unsere FAQs.

Allgemeine Pflege

Book: The House Rabbit Handbook
Video: Your First House Rabbit
FAQ: Häufige Fragen zu Hauskaninchen
Bunny Basics: Leben mit einem Hauskaninchen


FAQ: Ernährung
FAQ: Leckereien

The role of pellets and vegetables in the diet
The importance of fiber
Nutritional comparison of popular pellet brands
How the rabbit digestive system works
Recipes for rabbits with special medical needs

Geistige Fitness und Gesundheit

FAQ: Spielzeug
More Than a Chew Stick: Why Playthings Matter
The Playful Nature of Rabbits
The Games Rabbits Play
Just For Fun

Babies and Orphans

FAQ: Wild and Domestic Orphans

Caring For Mama and Babies
Caring for an orphaned litter of rabbits.
Newborn baby bunny facts.

Grooming and Handling

FAQ: Grooming
FAQ: Handling
Picking Up, Lifting, and Holding Your Rabbit


FAQ: Unterkunft

The House That Max Built
Chateau in Iowa: A bunny habitat
How to Build a Daytime Outdoor Rabbit Run
An Appeal to Cage Manufactureres


FAQ: Rabbit Proofing Your House
FAQ: Kaninchen im Freien
A Sense of Place and Space
Places To Be
Renting: Saying Yes to Rabbits
To Fly or not to Fly

Körperliche Gesundheit

FAQ: Wie finde ich einen guten Tierarzt für mein Kaninchen
FAQ: Kastration
FAQ: Medizinische Fragen
FAQ: Verabreichung von Medikamenten
FAQ: Gefahren bei warmem Wetter

Recommendations for Good Rabbit Vets
Dealing with Medical Emergencies
Resources for Difficult Medical Questions
Caring for the Critically Ill
Recipes for rabbits with special medical needs
Sara: Life with a disabled rabbit
JB the Geriatric Rabbit
The Dangers of Amoxicillin
Litterboxes and Liver Disease
Pain Management and Treatment
The facts about Poinsettia (they're NOT poisonous)

Why Rabbits Shouldn't be Declawed
The Importance of Record Keeping
Medizinische Bibliografie

Spezifische Krankheiten und medizinische Fragen

FAQ: Medizinische Fragen
Bladder Disease and Bladder Stones
E Cuniculi
Eye Problems
What Do Rabbits See?
GI Stasis
GI Stasis: The Silent Killer
Head Tilt (Wry Neck)
Another Head Tilt Article
Oral Heath: Preventing and Treating Malocclusion and Molar Spurs
Pasteurella (Snuffles)
Red Urine
Soft Stools
Snake Bite
The Rabbit Thorax
VHD in Australia
VHD in the USA

Other Resources

Where to Buy House Rabbit Supplies
House Rabbit Journal Article Index
Index of all available FAQs
Alle auf deutsch verfügbaren FAQs
Japanese Translations
Spanish Translations
Portugese Translations
Deutsche Übersetzung

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